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Articles on Friends of the Earth International in the media in 2009.

Tortured Legacy: Canada's Oil-Sands Bounty
The New York Times, December

African protest hits U.N. climate talks in final week
Reuters  news agency, December

Global protests demand action on climate change
AFP news agency, December  (FoEI)

Greens blast U.S. over climate deal
UPI news agency, December

NGO’s in dramatic Copenhagen push
Xinhua new agency, China, December  (FoEI)

Hundreds detained in Copenhagen protests
CNN International, December

Climate summit most chaotic show on earth
BBC News , December

Supporting Poor, Vulnerable Nations with Mass Protest Movements
Democracy Now (US), December (FoEI)

Tempers heating up over US 'secret'
New York Post, December

Police use teargas to stop climate rally
The Sydney morning Herald from AFP, December

Chaos in Copenhagen
Radio Netherlands Worldwide, December  (FoEI)

Greens Call Obama Deal a Sham
San Francisco Gate, December

They Didn't Seal the Deal; They Sealed the Coffin
Huffington Post, December  (FoEI)

We'll Save The Earth On Our Terms
NPR / The Nation, December  (FoEI)

Thousands join 'flood' demonstrations for climate deal
Jamaican Observer, December

Copenhagen down under
BBC, December


Copenhagen climate conference: 260 arrested at protests

The Daily Telegraph, December

Copenhagen loopholes could mean rise in emissions
The Guardian, December

Protect small farmers: 27 groups tell African leaders

(26 October 2009, African Herald Express, Nigeria)


Who says it's green to burn woodchips? (25 October 2009, The Independent, UK)


Green agency pulls plug on carbon offsetting (24 October 2009, The Irish Times, Ireland)

FoEI Chair Nnimmo Bassey on The Record: Europe (17 October 2009, BBC News, UK)

World Bank looks to help developing nations with carbon capture and storage (15 October 2009, The New York Times, USA)

UN climate talks split on treaty (9 October 2009, BBC, UK)

Land-grabbing in Africa: The why and the how (7 October 2009, Pambazuka News, Africa)

Heroes of the Environment 2009: Nnimo Bassey (28 September 2009, Time Magazine, USA)

Heroes of the Environment 2009: Syeda Rizwana Hasan (28 September 2009, Time Magazine, USA)

Honduras: from repression to resistance (24 September 2009, Red Pepper Magazine, UK)

Q&A: REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) (24 September 2009, The Guardian, UK)


Development: NGOs question World Bank's clean energy roadmap (15 September 2009, IPS News Agency)


'Sustainable' palm oil campaign banned by ASA (9 September 2009, The Guardian, UK)

UN chief calls for urgent action on climate change (31 August 2009, Reuters, UK)


Penans step up logging protest (24 August 2009, The Star, Malaysia)

Environmentalists hope UN talks tough on climate change (17 August 2009, CNN, USA)


UN’s climate chief warns of real risk of failure at climate change talks (14 August 2009, The Guardian, UK)

Nanotechnology: are we risking too much? (23 July 2009, The Ecologist, USA)

VIDEO: Climate Change on the Pacific Island of Kiribati (22 July 2009, The Daily Mirror, UK)

Dig the coal, bury the carbon (21 July 2009, The Christian Science Monitor, USA)

VIDEO: Bill Moyers' Journal (17 July 2009, PBS, USA)

Playing with fire (17 July 2009, Inter Press Service)

British government unveils low carbon roadmap to 2020 (15 July 2009, ENS)

'Pollution-as-usual' for Shell, new report reveals (29 June 2009, The Ecologist, USA)


Why some environmentalists oppose the house climate bill (26 June 2009, The Daily Green, USA)

WWF and Monsanto - is GM soy now okay? (19 June 2009, The Ecologist, USA)


Did the Obama Administration betray the environment at Bonn? (18 June 2009, Vanity Fair, USA)

Blistering Britain WILL be 2C hotter by 2040, warns official climate change report (18 June 2009, The Daily Mail, UK)


Tougher action needed to cut greenhouse gases (18 June 2009, The Independent, UK)

To reach a climate agreement in the future, countries must look to the past (15 June 2009, Grist, USA)


Climate change: Obama sounds too much like Bush (12 June 2009, Inter Press Service)


Activists sound the alarm on climate failure (12 June 2009, The Irish Times, Ireland)


Green groups raise nanotechnology fears (12 June 2009, ABC News, Australia)

Shell settles one lawsuit but faces another (9 June 2009, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Netherlands)


UK carbon offset schemes ‘failing to reduce emissions’ (2 June 2009, The Guardian, UK)


Baby orangutans raised in nappies and cots in Malaysia (1 June 2009, The Herald Sun, Australia)


Accra-based NGO kicks against Jatropha production (28 May 2009, Ghana News Agency)

Global warming of 7C 'could kill billions this century' (20 May 2009, The Telegraph, UK)

Shell faces investor fury over pay, pollution and human rights (17 May 2009, The Guardian, UK)

Windy Wonder (13 May 2009, The Sun, UK)

White House swiftly rolls out biofuel plans (6 May 2009, The Washington Times, USA)

EU preparing to ‘throw billions’ at big oil firms (5 May 2009,, Belgium)

NGOs commend government on wind energy project (4 May 2009, The Malta Independent, Malta)

Pressure group attacks farming policy (27 April 2009 The Yorkshire Post, UK)

Taxpayers ‘fund the death of rainforest’ (27 April 2009,, UK)

Biodegradable bags ‘no answer to waste’ (22 April 2009, The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand)

GMO foods not good for Nigeria, says group (15 April 2009, The Nation, Nigeria)

Green fuels produce twice as much carbon as fossil fuels
(14 April 2009, The Telegraph, UK)


UN's State Of The World's Forests Reveals Deforestation Is Speeding Up (7 April 2009 Environment News Network, USA)

Climate change the biggest loser of G20 summit, warn environmental groups (3 April 2009, The Guardian, UK)

Shell dumps wind, solar and hydro power in favour of biofuels (17 March 2009, The Guardian, UK)


Australia committed to emissions trading despite protest (11 March 2009, Radio Australia, Australia)


Brown calls for ‘green new deal’ (6 March 2009, BBC, UK)


The truth about recycling (26 February 2009, Guardian, UK)

EU deadlocks on gene-altered corn (25 February 2009, International Herald Tribune, U.S.)

Protesters vow to fight on despite Cannock incinerator setback
(24 February 2009, Birmingham Post, UK)

000 fish dead, and DoE ‘failed to test any of them’ (23 February 2009, Belfast Telegraph, Ireland)

Huge oil slick heads for Ireland and Wales (17 February 2009, The Independent, UK)

Cruise lines urged to shrink their footprints (15 February 2009, The New York Times, U.S.)

Green groups fume as street pollution soars (8 February 2009, Scotland on Sunday, UK)

2 Federal agencies settle global warming lawsuit (6 February 2009, AP, U.S.)

Climate change targets questioned after CO2 falls by just one per cent in decade (4 February 2009, The Telegraph, UK)

Snags in the plan (3 February 2009, The Star, Malaysia)

Unilever blocking deforestation for palm oil (1 February 2009, San Francisco Chronicle, U.S.)

Energy loan program with no projects may get funds (29 January 2009, Bloomberg News, U.S.)

Environmental groups slam stimulus (21 January 2009, Washington Independent, U.S.)

Politicians urged to work together on climate change (19 January 2009, Times of Malta, Malta)

World’s forests gasping for air (13 January 2009, The Canberra Times, Australia)

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