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You are here: Home / Media / Media review / 2011


This is a selection of independent media stories mentioning Friends of the Earth in 2011.


Shell says Nigeria oil spill contained

Reuters UK, 27 December


Nigeria oil spill 'could hit fisheries'

BBC news Africa, 23 December


Climate talks keep issue in focus

The Washington Post, 15 December (FoEI)


Climate Activists: Durban Deal is "Very Weak" Agreement, Lacks "Ambition, Equity, Justice"

Democracy Now, 12 December (FoEI)


Durban will not avert catastrophic climate change

The Guardian, 12 December


At U.N. climate talks, delegates salvage last-minute compromise

Washington Post, 11 December (FoEI)


Climat : un accord à Durban pour un nouveau pacte mondial en 2015

Le Monde, 11 December


France, Europe welcome Durban climate deal, NGOs oppose

Radio France International, 11 December (FoEI)


'Modest' gains as UN climate deal struck

The Independent, 11 December


Reaction to UN climate deal

BBC world Service, 11 December (FoEI)


Draft Climate Deal Dubbed a "Death Sentence for Africa

IPS, 9 December (FoEI)


Less Than Zero: the 1 Percent and the Fate of the Earth

The Indypendent, 9 December


Sceptics Question UN Climate Strategy

Al Jazeera, 8 December

At Durban Summit, Leading African Activist Calls U.S. Emissions Stance "A Death Sentence for Africa"

Democracy Now, 6 December (FoEI)

Letting a serious crisis go to waste
The Hindu Business Online, 4 December


In Durban, Canadian Youth Bake to Beat Oil Companies

Huffington Post, 2 December

Google Earth Shows How Dams Could Worsen Climate Change

National Geographic News, 28 November (FoEI)

Occupy protests: we'll back Nigeria says FoEI

All voices, 17 November (FoEI)


Niger Delta Oil Spills: will the blame game end?

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 17 November (FoEI)

EU biofuel target seen driving species loss: study

Reuters, 16 November


Polluters will pay: when is the crucial question

The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 November

Ecology group urges water monitoring on EU imports
Euroactive, 3 November

To cook a continent
Pambazuka News, 2 November (FoEI)

Europe's dependence on foreign soil deepens, report says
Deutsche-Welle World, 31 October

International campaigners join Edinburgh protesters
STV Edinburgh, 21 October (FoEI)

GM crops a failure in developing countries, says Friends of the Earth - video
The Guardian, 19 October (FoEI)

Leading NGOs lobby for guidelines to protect 'land grab' victims

The Guardian, 14 October (FoEI)

Nnimmo Bassey talks to DW at Frankfurt Book Fair

Deutsche-Welle World, 12 October (FoEI)


Europe has one of world's largest land footprints

The Parliament, 10 October


EU faces down tar sands industry

Euroactiv, 5 October

One Planet: Forty Years On
BBC Radio, 3 Oct  (FoEI)

Has the green movement failed?
BBC World Service, 30 September (FoEI)

Rural renewables still obstructed by red tape
Euro Activ, 23 September

On the path of mega-mining
Latinamerica Press, 22 September

EU under fire for 'watering down' CAP reform plans
The Parliament, 19 September

In praise of ... evergreens
The Guardian, 14 September (FoEI)

Xstrata Queensland Mine Challenged as Threat to Barrier Reef
Bloomberg, 22 August

Niger delta oil spills clean-up will take 30 years, says UN
The Guardian, 4 August (FoEI)

South-west farmers urged to object to gold diggers
The Standard, 3 August

Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Al Jazeera, July 29


Who’s Grabbing Africa’s Land? U.S. Speculators, Including Universities

Colorline, July, 29 (FoEI)

Biofuels Fail To Take Flight
Huffington Post, July 27


Activists blockade bark beetle-hit forest in Šumava

Prague Daily Monitor, July 18


Advertising watchdog calls time on sustainable palm oil adverts
Business Green, July 6


Georgian NGOs are against Namakhvan HPP construction
Trend, July 4

Keystone: Pipeline Battle Pits Economy vs. Environment, Again
Fox News, July 4

Mixed response to commission call for EU budget increase
The Parliament, June 30th

Are biofuels the future of flight?

CNN, June 24


Statoil expands amidst controversy

News in English (Norway), June 21

Forty years of Friends of the Earth - in pictures

The Guardian, June 15th (FoEI)


Global food crisis: The cost of soy - in pictures

The Guardian, June 1

Germans protest against nuclear power

PRESS TV (Iran), May 29


Green groups take EU to court over biofuels - again

The Guardian, May 26

EU considers an end to the plastic bag

Deutsche Welle, May, 23


Malaysia and Indonesia bolster defence of palm oil industry to west

The Guardian, May 20

Solar powered flights: the future of aviation?

The Ecologist, May 19

Nigerian farmer helps put Shell in the dock

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, May 19

Environmentalists protest at Shell’s AGM

The Nation (Nigeria), May 18 (FoEI)

GM soy: the high cost of the quest for 'green gold'

The Telegraph, May 17 (FoEI)


Global mining giant in court today

Ballina Shire Advocate (Australia), May 4


EU's biodiversity strategy 'falls short'

The Parliament, May 4

Citizens' initiative to help Faymann's anti-nuclear crusade

Euroactiv, April 28


Biofuels targets are 'unethical', says Nuffield report

BBC News, April 13

Stumbling to climate summit

IOL South Africa, April 12

Food Security Threatened In Ghana – Land Grabs For Biofuel & Govts’ Neglect To Blame

Peace FM online Ghana, April 6


Along Scar from Iron Curtain, A Green Belt Rises in German

YALE environment 360, April 4

Radical EU transport plan unveiled

The Independent, March 28

Supermarkets sign up to 'sustainable' GM soy label

The Telegraph, March 28

Palm oil giants target Africa in 'land grab' following Indonesia deforestation ban

The ecologist, March 25


Activists campaign against "massive sale" of state forests
Czech Press agency CTK on Prague Daily Monitor, March 18


Cracks Widen in Biotech Industry Myths

Sustainable, March 18 (FoEI)


New attempt to make progress on GM crop

Science Business Bulletin, March 17


Norway backs Barents oil push, holds back Lofotens

News Agency Reuters, March 12


Soaring oil price reignites fossil fuel vs renewables debate
The Guardian, March 3

Shorter showers urged for International Water Day

The Jerusalem post, March 2


Legal challenge against new Xstrata coal mine at Wandoan

Independent Media Centre Australia, March 1


'We take risks, others pay the price'
CNN, February 23


Unauthorised GM crops could be allowed in British food chain for the first time after EU vote
The Telegraph, February 22

European farming darks side exposed in Brussels

Farming monthly National, February 9

With a naked Van Rompuy, FOE calls for EU energy efficiency targets

EUX.TV, February 4

Biofuels: jatropha still linked to 'land grabbing and displacement of farmers'

The Ecologist, January 27 (FoEI)

Dutch Lawmakers Question Shell on Oil Pollution in Nigeria
The New York Times, January 26

Shell Faces Netherlands Grilling Over Niger Delta Spills (VIDEO)
Press Agency Bloomberg, January 26

Food prices could double without GM foods, scientists warn

The Telegraph, January 24 (FoEI)

Protesters in Berlin call for an end to factory farming

Press Agency Reuters on Deutsche Welle Online, January 22 (FoEI)

Indigenous group backs call to revoke mining deal in Vizcaya

GMA Network News online -Philppines-, January 18

BP targets one of the world's last unspoilt wildernesses after deal
The Independent, January 16 FoEI)

Green giants: the eco power list

The Guardian/The Observer, January 16


Frankenswine, the less pungent pig: Scientists genetically modify farm animal so it won't smell

The Mail Online, January 5

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