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You are here: Home / Media / Media review / 2012


This is a selection of independent media stories mentioning Friends of the Earth in 2012

Attention Focused on How Africans Hurt by Huge Corporate Land Grabs

Atlanta Black Star, 20 December (FoEI)


Environmentalists demand protection for Šumava

Prague Daily Monitor, 13 December


Fracking decision 'a risky dash for gas' - Friends of the Earth (video)

BBC News, 13 December


A Gateway for developed nations to baulk at commitments
The Hindu (India), 12 December 2012 (FoEI)


EU approves deals to boost trade with Latin America

Reuters UK, 11 December (FoEI)


U.K. Dash for Shale Gas a Test for Global Fracking

National Geographic, 10 December


Friends of the Earth: UN climate agreement 'an empty deal' (video)

BBC News, 8 December


Most vulnerable nations urged not to sign weak climate deal, 7 December (FoEI)

Climate Cliff: As Global Emissions Peak, Hopes for U.N. Climate Deal in Doha at All-Time Low (video)
Democracy Now, 3 December


Africa – Calling for a GMO-Free Continent

IPS News, 29 November (FoEI)


EU Commission backs controversial sustainable palm oil scheme

News Agency Reuters UK, 27 November

Interview with Asad Rahman of Friends of the Earth (video)
Al Jazeera, 26 November (FoEI)


Death metal: tin mining in Indonesia

The Guardian, 23 November


Business wants to decarbonize economy worldwide

The Voice of Russia, 21 November


Making profits while gas continues to flare

Making it Magazine, 15 November (FoEI)


Biomass may hinder climate fight
BBC News, 12 November


Storm revives issue of climate change

China Daily, 8 November


An EU cap-and-trade scheme for water pollution? Greens say no
EurActiv, 5 November


Africa: Farmers Increasingly Seen as 'Engine for Economic Development', 2 November (FoEI)

Land-Grabbing's Global Threat
Zester Daily and The Huffington Post, 1 November

John Hayes' wind farm comments created 'unhelpful uncertainty'
Telegraph, UK, 31 October

Friends of the Earth seeks clarity around donations to political parties
The Guardian, 31 October

Coal resurgence threatens climate change targets
The Guardian, 29 October

Gas flaring target of London conference
BBC News, 24 October (FoEI)

World Bank urges nations to end 'wasteful' gas flaring
The Guardian, 24 October

The Issue That Dare Not Speak Its Name
New York Times Green Blog, 23 October


Small Steps Towards Ensuring Biodiversity

IDN-Indepth News, India, 20 October (FoEI)

Growing concern over biofuels as global food crisis looms
Edie Newsroom, 16 October (FoEI)

Activists charged over Qld coal protest
The Australian, October 15


'Recipe for Disaster': Group Says No Financialization of Nature!
Common Dreams, USA, October 13 (FoEI)


Shell faces Friends of the Earth Netherlands in a court case over Nigeria spills
October 11
Click here for a pdf document with links to media stories by BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN,  Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, Euronews, Radio Netherlands, El Pais, Radio France Internationale and more (English, Spanish and French stories)


Indonesian palm oil company loses permit on illegal logging
Agence France Press on, September 28


Nigerian rights worker wins Norway human rights prize
News Agency Reuters, September 27 (FoEI)


Nigerian enviro activist wins prize
Agence France Presse on News24, September 27


Russia bans GM maize in wake of controversial Monsanto cancer study
Food Navigator (France), September 26


Campaigners dismiss shale gas an 'unwanted threat'
The (Belgium), September 24


El Salvador in battle against tide of climate change
The Independent (UK), September 18


Environmental activists protest against energy concept
Prague Daily Monitor, September 13


Small farmers hold the key to food security
The Edge Malaysia (Malaysia), September 13


EU proposal would limit use of crop-based biofuels (Belgium), September 11


Kyoto Protocol May End With the Year
Inter Press Service, September 9


Climate Change: CSOs pour cold water on Bangkok's UN talks
Africa Science News Service, September 5


Friends of the Earth fights Antaria
Trading Room (Australia) August 29


Artic drilling plans called “immoral”
Views and News (Norway) August 28


Corporate Lobbyists Threaten Democracy
IPS News Agency, August 9 (FoEI)


Green groups call for halt to fracking
Irish Times (Ireland), August 7


A year on, Nigeria's oil still poisons Ogoniland
Reuters Africa, August 5 (FoEI)


The fallout from Fukushima
ABC News (Australia), August 2


Destroying the Commons, by Noam Chomsky
Foreign Policy in Focus (US), July 31 (FoEI)


Can manipulated mosquito genes stop deadly diseases?
Minnesota Public Radio (US), July 31


The world's largest offshore wind farm
The Telegraph (UK), July 28


How the Magna Carta became a Minor Carta, by Noam Chomsky
The Guardian, July 25 (FoEI)


The greenest Olympics ever -- but is it good enough?
Business World Weekender (UK), July 19


African nations accused of undermining food sovereignty
Environews Nigeria, (Nigeria) Jul 18th


Rising water threatens El Salvador coastline
Global Post (US), 17 July


British GM research gets £6.4m boost
Channel 4 News, 15 July


Rio+20 summit closes with no restraints on corporate power
WBEZ Radio (US), 27 June (FoEI)


Rio+20: A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
The Huffington Post, 25 June (FoEI)


Have multinationals hijacked Rio+20?
Al Jazeera, 22 June (FoEI)


Rio+20: the Earth Summit diaries
The Guardian (UK), 22 June (FoEI)


Firms want politicians to ‘take responsibility’ at Rio (Belgium) 22 June (FoEI)


World leaders failed at Rio Earth Summit
New Internationalist (UK), 22 June (FoEI)


Rio+20 Has A Gift For Corporate Polluters – Analysis
InDepthNews and Eurasia Review, 21 June (FoEI)


Rio+20 Summit Will Not Get Us Out of Environmental Crisis
Democracy Now! (US) Interview with Nnimmo Bassey, 21 June (FoEI)


Environmentalists Say UN Sustainability Pact Lacks Teeth
Press Agency Bloomberg, 19 June (FoEI)


Brazil: Final Text Approval to Mark End of Rio+20 Summit
Prensa Latina on Radio Cadenagromonte (Cuba), 19 June (FoEI)


Earth’s Future Not for Sale, Activists Say
IPS News Agency, 18 June (FoEI)


Brazil President to Talk to Obama and Merkel on Rio +20 Issues
Brazzilmag (Brazil), 18 June (FoEI)


Introducing… The Eight Great Greenwashers
New Internationalist (UK), 1st June (FoEI)


lLeave the Crude Oil in the Soil
Public Agenda (Ghana) on, 18 May


Struggles over Land Rights Fall Under the Rio+20 Radar
IPS News Agency, 10 May  (FoEI)


Uganda: World Bank Under Attack for Aiding Land Grabs
The Independent (Kampala) on, 6 May (FoEI)


Green groups say Indonesia deforestation ban 'weak'
Agence France Presse, May 3


Nigeria: Make Gas Flaring History, Stakeholders Tell FG
This Day (Lagos) on, 30 April


Campaigners claim World Bank helps facilitate land grabs in Africa
The Guardian (UK), 23 April (FoEI)


Friends of the Earth: 'Disappointed the government has given green light to fracking' (video)
ITV News (UK), 17 April


The honey trap: How the demise of Britain's bees could cost us £1.8billion a year
Daily Mail (UK), 11 April


Report: Worldwide opposition to Monsanto growing
Press TV (Iran), 6 April (FoEI)


Power in Nigeria
The Independent (UK), 3 April (FoEI)


Xstrata wins approval for Australia's biggest coal mine
News Agency Reuters, 27 March


Budget is a 'polluter's charter', green lobby warn
Channel 4 News (UK), 21 March


Keystone XL pipeline: Big oil leans on Obama to approve entire project
Huffington Post, 21 March


UK airports - green arguments and calls for expansion (video)
BBC News, 13 March


Nigeria: gas flares still a burning issue in the Niger delta
IRIN on, 8 March (FoEI)


Dwindling resources trigger global land rush
IPS News Agency, 1 March (FoEI)


Chevron Nigeria gas well fire 'may burn for months'
BBC News, 22 February


Canada threatens trade war with EU over oil sands
Agence France Presse on, 20 February


Overwhelming public support for windfall tax on energy firms
The Independent (UK), 18 February


Public rejection of GM affects biotech firms
Farmers Guardian (UK), 7 February


Mapping out the EU’s harmful projects
IPS News Agency, 6 February


EU biofuels targets to cost $166 billion, study says
Press Agency Bloomberg (US), 2 February


EPA rejects palm-oil based biodiesel for renewable fuels program
Press Agency Bloomberg (US), 27 January


Biodiesels pollute more than crude oil, leaked data show
Euroactiv (Belgium) 27 January


As Obama delays controversial Keystone oil pipeline, vast network of pipelines already in place
Fox News, 21 January


‘Exploration boom’ off Norway’s coast
News in English (Norway), 18 January


Friends of the earth accuses banks of causing 'catastrophic instability' in food markets
Huffington Post, 12 January


Contaminated chicken in Germany raise health debate
Euronews, 9 January


After three decades, tax credit for ethanol expires
New York Times, 2 January

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