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This is a selection of independent media stories mentioning Friends of the Earth in 2013

Harmful weedkiller in your bread and cereal bars

The Ecologist, 31 December


Environment Agency job cuts ‘shortsighted’ in the face of future flooding

Blue & Green Tomorrow, 30 December


New European clean air plan seeks to mitigate cost of pollution

Blue & Green, 18 December


Antibacterial soaps aren't more effective and may be dangerous, says US FDA

The Sidney Morning Herald, 17 December


EU court blocks GM potato cultivation

The European Voice, 13 December


Environmentalists call for recognition of orangutan, rhino habitat as heritage site, 11 December


Wikileaks Disclosure Reveals Energy Company Strategy Against Anti-Keystone Pipeline Activists

International Business Times, 9 December


Eni Investigating Oil Spill at Brass Terminal Off Nigerian Coast

Bloomberg, 5 December


McDonald's GMO dilemma: why fries are causing such a fuss

TheGuardian, 4 December


WTO Urged Not to Treat Water Like Widgets

IPS, 4 December (FoEI)


Palm oil company Bumitama under fire for clearing rainforest, endangering orangutans

Mongabay, 2 December


Warsaw Climate Summit Yields Modest Deal on Emissions Announcements, Loss and Damage

Democracy Now!, 25 November (FoEI)


Hope for 2015 agreement alive despite ‘dirtiest climate conference on record’

The Irish Times, 24 November (FoEI)


Climate Negotiations 'Shrouded in Farce' Come to a Close

Common Dreams, 24 November (FoEI)


Climate talks in trouble as green groups walk out

AFP in InterAksyon, 22 November


Lack of progress at Warsaw climate talks prompts green groups' exit

The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November (FoEI)


Green groups quit Warsaw climate talks over lack of progress

Reuters in Buenos Aires Herald, 21 November (FoEI)


NGOs quit COP19 as 'no progress' seen

The Dhaka Tribune, 21 November (FoEI)


Activists Walk Out Of UN Climate Talks After 'Frustration And Disappointment'

AP in The Huffington Post, 21 November


Rich-poor divide deepens over climate aid as need grows

Reuters in Asharg Al-Awsat, 20 November (FoEI)


Expert Voices: Mike Childs, Head of Science, Policy and Research, Friends of the Earth

National Geographic, 18 November


Wildlife conference under attack for 'selling off nature to multinationals'

The Guardian, 13 November


North Sea oil, gas focus wrong move, green group says

UPI, 12 November


Consumer, green groups voice fears over EU-U.S. trade deal

Reuters, 12 November


Advocacy Groups Ask Obama to Reject Fossil Fuels in Power Africa Initiative

Bloomberg BNA, 12 November


Obama Must Stop Pushing Dirty Energy Through ‘Power Africa’ Initiative

SpyGhana, 11 November (FoEI)


Fears for orangutans: BHP urged to abandon coalmining in central Borneo

TheGuardian, 7 November


Talks on Antarctic Marine Reserve Fail to Reach Agreement

The New York Times, 1 November


14 low-tech ways to keep your house warm over the winter
BBC News, 31 October


Working towards alternative energy in Nigeria

Energymix report, 29  October


Slippery justice for oil spill victims

The Independent (Uganda), 25 October


Opinion: Taxing tar sands, chasing Goliath

The Daily Climate, 24 October


Keystone Foes Pledge Sit-Ins If Pipeline Advances

Bloomberg TV, 23 October


Super salmon' expected to be first ever genetically-modified food approved for sale in U.S.

The VancouverSun, 22 October


South Africa accused of ignoring shale gas fracking dangers

Platts, 21 October


Fracking Opponents Find Lawyers Beat Superglue in Slowing Shale

Bloomberg Businessweek, 17 October


Norway orders review of $790 billion wealth fund

Reuters for CNBC, 14 October (FoEI)


Green and consumer groups voice fears over EU-US trade agreement

Financial Times, 14 October


EU’s 2030 radar tracks buildings efficiency and new 'constraints’

Euractiv, 14 October


Niger delta oil spills: the real cost of crude – video

The Guardian, 7 October


Coding for change: hackers gather for charity marathon

Channel 4, 6 October


Cuadrilla pulls out of Lancashire fracking site

BBC News, 4 October


Coal railway could cause 'ecological disaster' in Indonesian Borneo, warn environmentalists, 30 September


Mine dispute intensifies in Arctic Sweden

Barents Observer, 30 September


Counting the Cost of Climate Change (AUDIO)

BBC News, 26 September


Climate-Change Protests Heat Up, 25 September


Norway uses waste as eco-friendly fuel (VIDEO)

BBC News, 24 September


Why is Apple so shifty about how it makes the iPhone?

The Guardian, 23 September


U.S. Hosts Asia-Pacific Negotiators in Busy Week for Trade Talks

Wall Street Journal (BLOG), 20 September


Green activist in energy firm gagging row

Herald Scotland, 18 September


Farmers take legal action against Susilo over haze

The Gulf Today, 12 September


European biofuels vote delivers 'desperately weak compromise'

The Guardian, 11 September


Indonesian farmers take legal action over haze

The Bangkok Post, 11 September


EU reliance on biofuel likely to increase dramatically

New Europe, 9 September


Keystone XL And The Alaska Pipeline: Environmentalists Vs. Oil Industry; What Obama Can Learn From Nixon

International Business Time, 30 August


Government could ‘save €200m a year’ if it adopts energy efficient programme

The Irish Times, 26 August


Race to save Ecuador's Yasuní national park from oil lobby

The Guardian, 23 August (FoEI)


Fracking for shale gas hits a raw nerve in Europe (video )

CNBC News, 20 August


The day the bees died

Aljazeera America, 20 August


Activists criticise law on renewable energy, industry hails it

Prague, Daily Monitor, 19 August


Penans block gas pipeline project in Ulu Baram

The Borneo Post, 18 August


Bee-killing pesticide found in garden store plants: What does it mean? (Video)

NBC News, 14 August


'Bee Friendly' Plants May Not Be So Friendly (video)

Discovery News, 14 August


Probe of Keystone Contractor Energizes Pipeline Opponents

Bloomberg, 7 August


Lab-grown burger eaten in London (Interview with FOEIs Kirtana Chandrasekaran)

AlJazeera, 5 August (FoEI)


WALHI Wins Suit Against Bali Governor, 5 August


Major mobile manufacturers admit to using environmentally disastrous tin
The Independent, 31 July

Energy firms 'profiteering at expense of public'
ITV News, 29 July

Anti-fracking protesters halt Sussex shale gas operation
The Guardian, 25 July

Indonesia Comes Under Fire for Forest Fires
IPS story on Jakarta Globe, 23 July

Bombs dropped on Great Barrier Reef (audio), 22 July

Consumer groups fret as first round of European trade talks nears end
Charlotte Observer (USA), 15 July

REDD a ‘False Solution’ for Africa

Inter Press Service News Agency, 14 July

Industry pushes for EU ban on plastics dumping
Euractiv, 10 July

US activists praise Europe's ways in trade talks
Associated Press on, 10 July


Indonesia NGOs call on govt to investigate 117 companies for alleged involvement in forest fires, 28 June


Mangroves and locals threatened by El Salvador tourism aid plans

Digital Journal, 23 June (FoEI)


Shell to resume Niger delta oil spill compensation talks

The Guardian, 19 June (FoEI)


Study: You’re In Trouble, Roundup

The Wall Street Journal, 13 June (FoEI)


European banks accused of fuelling land grabs in Uganda

Euractiv, 27 May (FoEI)


Indonesia seeing a new corporate colonialism

The Guardian, 25 May June


Lamy urges EU to forge closer trade ties with Africa

Euractiv, May 23


Report: 'US government in GM industry's pocket'

Deutche Welle, 17 May


Friends of the Earth demonstrate at RBS AGM

The Edinburgh Reporter, 14 May


San Onofre Power Plant Ruling Sides With Environmentalists

Huffington Post, 14 May


Climate justice group to highlight campaign with climb of Everest

The Irish Times, 9 May


Britain's rarest bees in deep trouble, report warns

The Guardian, 9 May


Critics Slam California “Forest Offset” Plan

IPS News, 7 May (FoEI)


A Dream of Trees Aglow at Night

The New York Times, 7 May (FoEI)


Apple and Samsung in child exploitation and environmental pollution scandal

MacWorld, 7 May


Friends of the Earth Netherlands appeal Shell case

Peopleś Daily Online (China), 2 May


Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe

The Guardian, 29 April


EU bans some pesticides to save its bees

CNN, 29 April


Samsung admits its phones may contain tin from area mined by children

The Guardian, 25 April


Europe Struggles In Shale Gas Race

The New York Times, 24 April


Indonesia moves towards approving deforestation plan

Agence France Presse on Australia Network News, 19 April


The fight against floating garbage

Deutche Welle, 13 April


International Carbon Markets Expanding but Still Contentious

IPS News, 10 April


Nigeria; Group Wants Oil Companies to End Corporate Social Responsibilities in Nigeria

Premium Times (Nigeria) on, 3 April


World Bank’s Kim Urged to Stop Financing Fossil-Fuel Projects

Bloomberg, 3 April (FoEI)


The first successful referendum initiative launched by the citizens in Croatia

Croatian Times, 29 March


Nano-Particles in food could increase cancer rates

The Voice of Russia, 29 March


Spain Leads EU in GM Crops, but No One Knows Where They Are

IPS News, 27 March


Scottish wind farm decision infuriates Trump

News Agency Reuters, 27 March


GM Crops: Is European Farming at Risk? (video), 20 March


NGOs cry foul over access to UN climate fund talks, 13 March

Nigerian farm minister seeks new aid deal with EU
Euractiv, 11 March

San Onofre: Feds Release Confidential Report On Cal Nuke Plant
The Huffington Post, 8 March

NGO calls on the FDA to ban anatase titanium dioxide in cosmetics (USA), 6 March


Chevron Super PAC Contribution Complaint Raises Its Own Questions
The Huffington Post, 5 March

Landfills continue to rule despite EU recycling target
Euractiv, 5 March


Chinese iPad builder 'turned river milk-white with pollutants'
Macworld, 25 February

Environmentalists call for lower dependence on fossil fuels
Prague Monitor, 22 February

Green Groups Press for Ambitious Climate Goals in Europe
News Agency Reuters, 20 February


Heart deaths linked to pollution in poor areas
The Scotsman, 20 Februari

Green groups urge ambitious new climate goals for Europe
Reuters UK, 20 February


Ten Urgent Reasons to Reject Nuclear Power Now, 17 February

Shale oil surge poses threat to renewable energy, PwC warns
The Guardian, 14 February

Europe dumps or incinerates 60% of waste: NGO report
Euractiv, 14 February

Carbon fat cats are killing the emissions trading mouse
The Guardian, 14 February


Europeans Urge U.S. Action on Financial Transaction Tax
InterPress Service, 14 February


Un-Natural Gas: Fracking Set to Shake Up German Campaign
Spiegel, 14 February

Statoil’s Arctic oil-terminal neighbors unique bird cliffs
Barents Observer (Norway), 13 February


Friends of the Earth targets Apple and Samsung, 13 February

Energy, Economy Key in Major Obama Address
Inter Press Service, 13 February

Foreign NGO aghast at police brutality against Posco protesters
The Times of India, 10 February (FoEI)

EU says pesticides linked to bee decline should be restricted
BBC News, 31 January


Nigerian farmer wins against Shell Oil
Al Jazeera, 31 January


Will Shell Nigeria ruling make multinationals tremble? (Audio)
BBC News, 30 January

Shell partly responsible for Nigeria spills (Video)
News Agency Reuters, 30 January

Shell found ‘partially responsible’ for Niger Delta oil spill  (video)
Euronews, 30 January


Keystone’s Fate Shifts to Climate Hawk Kerry
Bloomberg, 25 January

Hong Kong's mounting food waste problem, 20 January


Berlin Protest Slams Industrialized Farming
Deutche Welle, 19 January

China’s Smog Affects South Korea, Too
The Epoch Times, 17 January

South Korea: Worrying About the Polluting Neighbours
Financial Times on, 17 January

UK urged to ban lead fuel exports
BBC news, 14 January

Meercury to be banned
Deutche Welle, 14 January

Green leaders call on Obama to “raise your voice” on climate change
Business Green, 8 January

Mozambique smelting profits should not fill foreign coffers, say campaigners
The Guardian, 8 January

Shell Arctic Drilling Rig Aground in Gulf of Alaska
Environment News Service, 2 January

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