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You are here: Home / Media / Media review / 2014


This is a selection of independent media stories mentioning Friends of the Earth in 2014

Friends of the Earth want MEPs to fight lobbying

Malta Today, 15 April


Friends of the Earth enters nuclear row

Herald Scotland, 15 April


Fossil Fuels 'Leading To Catastrophic Climate Change, Stark UN Report Reveals

The Huffington Post, 13 April


Air pollution link to 28,000 deaths

BBC News, 10 April


Londoners Shrouded in Saharan Dust Suffer High Pollution Levels

Bloomberg Business week, 2 April


Norwegian gov't urged to further cut greenhouse gas emissions

New Europe, 1 April


New Oceans at Poles Require New Rules for Ships

Scientific American, 1 April


Green groups unhappy with EU climate proposals

EUObserver, 1 April


Rich Nations Must Pay Their Ecological Debt

The New York Times, 1 April (FoEI)


UN: Global warming already impacting world's food supply

Examiner, 31 March


Smarterphones: transparency legislation transforms the things we buy

The Guardian, 26 March


Why You Shouldn’t Applaud Exxon’s Decision To Disclose Climate Change Risks

Climate Progress, 24 March


Nigeria: There's No Need for More Oil Wells in Nigeria

AllAfrica, 25 March


Public inquiry will hear of 'high risk' of water pollution from fracking

Herald Scotland, 16 March


Bonn Climate Talks Stall

BizDay, 14 March


U.N. climate talks launch formal process to 2015 deal

Reuters, 14 March


GM crops: UK scientists call for new trials

BBC, 14 March


EARTHTALK: Should I be concerned about synthetic biology?

The Mercury, 14 March


Building efficiency sector: ‘The 2030 debate was a set-up’

Euractiv, 13 March


Liberian campaigner urges EU to take action against logging law refuseniks

The Guardian, 11 March


UN Report Calls For Radical, Democratic Food System

Mintpressnews, 11 March


Grocers Line Up—Early—Against Biotech Salmon. What About Wal-Mart?

BloombergBusinessweek, 6 March


How to stop heat leaking from your home

Metro, 5 March


Pollution - EU takes UK to court

The Ecologist, 5 March


Nigeria: Country Produces Over Four Million Barrels of Crude Oil Daily, Activist Claims

Premium Times, 4 March


U.S. Government Will Back Loans For Nuclear Power

NPR, 19 February


Bee activists swarm Home Depot and Lowe's

CNBC, 14 February


To Apple, From a Deadly and Devastated Slice of Paradise

Bloomberg Businessweek, 13 February


Environmentalists Mobilize Pressure on Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Between the Lines, 5 February


Environmental Groups "Shocked" by Reports of NSA Spying of U.N. Climate Talks

Democracy Now!, 3 February


The search for transparency in a global gold rush for rare earths

TheGuardian, 3 February


Oil sands opponents file challenge against EU executive

Reuters, 31 January


Environmentalists want new government to protect Šumava

Prague Daily Monitor, 30 January


Plan for largest solar farm in UK met with approval

The News, 30 January


Over the Climate Cliff

Resilience, 28 January


Neonicotinoid Pesticides Harm Bees’ Foodgathering Ability

Environment News Service, 28 January


Europe's 2030 climate plan draws mixed response

AFP for, 22 January


EU opens investment part of EU-US trade deal to public debate

Reuters for The Voice of Russia, 22 January


EU Commission reveals climate & energy targets for 2030

The Information Daily, 22 January


EU outlines 2030 climate goals

BBC News, 22 January


Toy train town takes back grid in German power shift

Reuters, 20 January


European Greens consider challenge to UK tax breaks for shale gas drilling

The Guardian, 20 January


Environmentalists warn of nuclear train dangers

The Courier, 17 January


Ministers clarify flood defence spending figures

BBC News, 16 January


WALHI Jambi: Forestry giant allegedly evaded $15m in taxes

Mongabay, 16 January


Exclusive: Critics say vaunted environmental chapter offers few gains to balance downsides of trade deal

The new Zealand Herald, 16 January


EU agrees rules to curb food speculation

FOOD Navigator, 16 January


Friends of th Earth: Meat industry needs radical rethink

FOOD, 16 January


Is England on the Brink of a U.S.-Style Fracking Boom? Don't Bet on Shale Just Yet

Bloomberg Businessweek, 15 January


Is the EU about to abdicate climate leadership?

Climate Spectator, 13 January


Fracking in the UK: 'We're going all out for shale,' admits Cameron

The Guardian, 13 January


Friends of the Earth warn over fracking in Northern Ireland

Belfast Telegraph, 10 January


'Meat Atlas' charts a changing world of meat eaters

BBC News, 9 January


Storm-Damaged Paterson is Undermining Govt Credibility says Friends of the Earth

The Economic Voice, 8 January

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