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You are here: Home / Media / Journalist resources / Uganda: Oil palm plantations

Uganda: Oil palm plantations

Wilmar International, one of the largest oilseeds corporations in the world is developing palm oil plantations in biodiverse islands off the coast of Lake Victoria, Uganda. The project is a partnership of Wilmar with the Government of Uganda, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Kenyan oilseeds company Bidco. The first phase of the project was completed in 2011, and despite a number of social and environmental problems raised, the second phase of the project is currently going ahead. The second phase will expand palm oil plantations onto several more islands. The project is being promoted as a poverty-reducing endeavour, yet it is causing displacement, food insecurity and deforestation.


Watch these short, personal and moving testimonies by people affected by Wilmar's plantations on Kalangala.

Videos - Read More…


Portraits of people affected by land grabbing and images from Kalangala.

Photos - Read More…

Wilmar International and its financiers fact sheet

This short fact sheet provides essential information about Wilmar's investors and their environmental and social commitments.

Wilmar International and its financiers fact sheet - Read More…

Land grabbing for palm oil in Uganda fact sheet

This fact sheet provides background information on the effects of palm oil plantations, land clearances and displacements in Kalangala, Uganda

Land grabbing for palm oil in Uganda fact sheet - Read More…

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