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argentina stories

uruguay: global europe publication
The European Union is promoting an agenda of aggressive trade liberalization, called ‘Global Europe’. Through Global Europe, the EU is pushing to liberalize services in Southern countries; gain access to and control over strategic reserves of natural resources; liberalize government procurement; protect intellectual property rights; increase protection for European investments; and eliminate so-called ‘trade barriers’.
paraguay: sowing seeds for change
The Río de la Plata Basin, the estuary of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers, which separates Uruguay and Argentina, is threatened by mega projects including pipelines, dams and highways.
brazil: resisting the garabi dam
The Initiative for the Integration of the South American Regional Infrastructure (IIRSA) is a development plan which involves the construction of highways, mega dams, ports and pipelines across South America, particularly in remote, isolated regions. If built, these will have devastating consequences for Indigenous People, biodiversity and the climate and could lead to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.
argentina: attracting attention to water with art, music and stories
Today, one in six people lack access to safe, affordable water, and two in five lack access to adequate sanitation. The United Nations expects these numbers to rise. But in Argentina, as in many other countries, there is still very little information available about the importance of using water sustainably and democratically. There is also a lack of emphasis on the use of public spaces as places where people can enjoy themselves and meet their families, friends and others.
latin america and the caribbean
Amigos de la Tierra América Latina y Caribe (ATALC – FoE Latin America and the Caribbean) coordinates member group participation in all international programs, ensuring a regional perspective in global campaigning.
brazil: building the struggle against forest monocultures in the pampas
The ongoing expansion of exotic tree monocultures in the Brazilian Pampas, and the Pampas plains of Uruguay and Argentina, threatens the region’s biodiversity and natural resources. This is a consequence of a build up of the region’s pulp production industry; powerful forestry corporations are now investing in new plantations in the Brazilian Pampas to obtain wood supplies.
peru: challenging camisea: campaign targets devastating gas project
Possibly the Amazon’s most damaging fossil fuel development, the $1.6 billion Camisea Gas Project has pushed two pipelines through a globally-significant Amazon biodiversity hotspot. It aims to extract gas inside the Kugapakori-Nahua State Reserve, where Indigenous peoples live in voluntary isolation from society.
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