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cultural program at the bi-annual general meeting
FoE groups celebrated the power of art and of their own cultural diversity during FoEI's bi-annual general meeting in Honduras in November 2008.
colombia: strengthening resistance to spanish corporate monopolies
In Colombia, the abuse of power by subsidiaries of the Spanish energy giant Union Fenosa has mainly affected communities with scarce economic resources on the Caribbean coast. The subsidiary companies —Electricaribe, Electrocosta y Energía Social — have continuously increased energy service costs, violated labour legislation, and co-opted social leadership. Yet the communities affected are determined to resist the current political and economical model, which prioritizes profits over fundamental rights.
atalc: sustainability school supports resistance, fosters mobilization
colombia: strengthening youth activism
It is the young people of today who will live with the long-term results of a degraded environment and climate change impacts — threats that result from the unsustainable economic practices of today.
colombia: working to regain control of water from corporations
In Colombia, the appropriation of water services by multinational corporations is one of the greatest sources of social and environmental conflicts. The problem centres on the use of water sources for bottled water production, as well as control of water and sanitation services in populated areas. In an attempt to reverse multinational control over these vital resources, some organizations are promoting a referendum to reform the country's constitution. The referendum includes a proposal to reform the current water management model, which has historically favoured transnational investment.
food and agriculture calendar 2007
Hundreds of professional and amateur photographers from around the world entered our second annual photo competition, on the theme of “food and agriculture” in 2007.
friends of the earth groups push for results at bali climate talks
The December 2007 climate summit, held in Bali, Indonesia marked the deadline for nations to agree on a “road map” for a new agreement to tackle climate change, beyond the current 2008-12 Kyoto Protocol commitment period.
funding and membership support
cyberaction successes in 2007
Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2007.
colombia: trusting in societies’ strength: the climate justice tribunal
Societies which bear the brunt of climate change impacts often simultaneously suffer from the root causes of this environmental threat; for example flooding due to climate change and conflicts triggered by petroleum exploitation.
foe groups converge on massive social summit in bolivia
In December 2006, FoE members joined more than four thousand other people from social movements and civil society organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean in the beautiful mountain valley city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.
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