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european groups: resistance to gmos continues to grow
Friends of the Earth Europe tracks and challenges the biotechnology industry’s activities, publishing an annual report on the state of the industry. Its 2009 report, "Who Benefits from GM crops? Feeding the biotech giants, not the world’s poor," looks behind the spin and exposes the reasons why GM crops cannot, and are unlikely to ever, contribute to poverty reduction, global food security or sustainable farming.
european groups: exposing the real impacts of agrofuels
Friends of the Earth Europe believes that the current rush to develop agrofuels is ill-conceived and will contribute to an already unsustainable trade in plant-based oils, whilst not solving the problems of climate change or energy security.
european groups: big ask gets great response
With climate change a key priority for Friends of the Earth’s groups across Europe, national 'Big Ask' campaigns were a key priority in 2009. The Big Ask is directed at national governments, and aims to bring about real and immediate change by calling for binding national laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Agrofuels campaign highlights
The campaign’s main objective is to stop the production, trade and consumption of agrofuels, by raising public awareness about its negative impacts on local communities and globally.
Agrofuels campaign highlights in 2008
The main goal of FoEI's agrofuels campaign is to halt the development, production and trade of agrofuels, which is threatening food sovereignty and biodiversity, and has been shown to be a false solution to the climate crisis.
Forest and Biodiversity program highlights
The Forest and Biodiversity Program’s objective is to strengthen and promote sustainable local initiatives for the protection and local use of forests and biodiversity. We resist and mobilize against destructives practices, actions and policies that destroy forests and biodiversity. We also work to build and strengthen, a global movement for forests, biodiversity and the communities that depend on them, in the medium and long term.
Using legal strategies to defend people from corporate abuses
FoEI aims to effectively expose and counter corporate crimes and their social, environmental and human rights impacts, specifically on women’s and men’s productive and reproductive activities, as well as countering corporate influence over governments and institutions such as the international financial institutions (IFIs), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other institutions.
tackling corporate lobbying and greenwash
In 2008, FoEI continued to lead an effective international campaign to address corporate power and influence. This focused on international policies and trends that enable the misuse of corporate power, and included technical support and strategic assistance to other civil society organizations working on these issues.
disclosing the truth, building awareness and mobilizing against corporate abuses
In 2008, FoEI continued campaigning on specific corporations in sectors that harm the environment. This entailed research and monitoring of EU-based companies working in the oil and gas, agrofuels and forest extraction sectors, and their actions in the South.
Economic Justice - Resisting Neoliberalism (ejrn) program
The overall goal of the EJRN program for 2008 was to create sustainable societies by building people’s power and dismantling corporate power, stopping corporate-led neo-liberalism and globalization, and challenging the institutions and governments that promote unequal and unsustainable economic systems.
Food Sovereignty Program highlights
The Food Sovereignty Program’s objective is to resist and expose industrial corporate-led agriculture and promote food sovereignty.
exposing ineffective climate change policies in international financial institutions
FoEI monitored the World Bank's framework on 'clean energy investment' and the emissions-trading schemes promoted by the various international financial institutions (IFIs). The World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) were a key focus: FoEI actively engaged in different decision-making arenas to express our concerns about the Bank's proposals. FoEI believes that the World Bank is the wrong institution to manage climate change funding. It has unequal decision-making structures, continues to invest massively in fossil fuels, and considers coal a potentially clean source of energy.
Climate justice and energy program highlights
The CJE Program’s overall objective is to build a diverse, effective and global movement for climate justice. Climate justice is a right-based approach to the climate crisis with holds those historically responsible for the climate crisis to account. Climate justice demands structural changes to tackle neo-liberalism and radically reduce consumption. In keeping with FoEI’s mission to influence policies and policy dialogue, the CJE Program also aims to ensure that by rich industrialized Annex I countries commit to needed emissions reductions, and appropriate and sufficient financing and transfers of technology to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change, allowing a just transition to sustainable, fossil-free societies.
uruguay: real world radio voices concerns of thousands
Radio Mundo Real (Real World Radio) is an online multilingual radio service run by Friends of the Earth Uruguay / REDES.
programs and campaigns highlights in 2009
In 2009, Friends of the Earth International had six active international programs and campaigns. Within these we coordinated a wide range of actions at the international, regional, national and local levels, that improve the ability of peoples and communities around the world to secure sustainable livelihoods and protect our environment for generations to come.
december: young people from across europe meet EU ministers and demand wrap it up!
European environment ministers arriving at crucial climate negotiations in Poland in December received messages sent by over a thousand young people urging them to 'wrap up' climate change.
international campaign victories
Our international programs made some important advances in 2007, catalyzed and propelled by the local and national work of our groups and our allies around the world. A selection of these victories are described in this section of the annual report.
“non-flying” politicians declare support for airplane fuel tax
Already responsible for about 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, aviation emissions are growing fast. Yet a September 2007 expert report commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe confirmed that the European Union must do more if these emissions are to be curbed. An important step in the right direction is to ensure that the cost of flying reflects its environmental impact, by putting a tax on aviation fuel and a value-added tax on airline tickets.
cyberaction successes in 2007
Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2007.
international events in 2007
Friends of the Earth International had a strong presence at several international events in 2007. We supported the participation of community representatives and civil society organizations from the South in many other international events that provide a forum to publicize their experiences and struggles.
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