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honduras: environmental awareness in communities in honduras
Despite a wealth of cultural and biological diversity, Honduras is locked in harsh socio-environmental conflicts over control of its natural resources. Severe environmental degradation is being exacerbated by a Neoliberal agenda, and poorer communities bear the brunt of this damage.
el salvador & honduras: communities share experiences of resistance against mining and dams
Increasingly, the governments of Honduras and El Salvador are giving up their natural resources to exploitation by mining and hydroelectric megaprojects. Local people are left with the resulting severe and persistent pollution, such as contamination of waterways vital for drinking and bathing. Such megaprojects also compete with farmlands upon which communities depend for subsistence.
honduras: hurricane mitch victims mobilise against climate change
The 1998 Hurricane Mitch was the western hemisphere’s most deadly hurricane in two centuries. It directly affected about half of Honduras’s six million people and left about two million homeless. Yet climate change is expected to bring more extreme weather to Honduras, which is already vulnerable to tropical storms, land slides, floods and droughts.
food and agriculture calendar 2007
Hundreds of professional and amateur photographers from around the world entered our second annual photo competition, on the theme of “food and agriculture” in 2007.
community testimonies
In 2007, Friends of the Earth International brought the voice of the grassroots to the public around the world, as well as to international decision-makers, with a the first of a series of on-line community testimonies.
funding and membership support
costa rica: anti-free-trade movement building success
The campaign against the Central American Free Trade Agreement culminated in a major movement building success for COECO/Friends of the Earth Costa Rica.
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