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reflecting communities’ experiences of resistance and mobilization
reflecting communities’ experiences of resistance and mobilization and translating them into national and international policy demands
indonesia: raising public awareness of environmental damage
Environmental damage is spiraling out of control in the province of West Kalimantan. Gold mining, illegal logging and the conversion of forests to oil palm plantations are all having a devastating effect on the environment and local communities in the province of West Kalimantan.
film and video
In 2008, we deepened our commitment to provide video and film material for our audiences around the world. Our efforts were focused in several complementary areas: a major film documentary that was screened on mainstream television; many video clips on different issues produced by our groups and posted on websites; and our community testimonies, which can be downloaded from our website.
October: foei at world bank meetings in washington dc
Friends of the Earth International used the opportunity of the World Bank meetings in Washington in October 2008 to continue to push for the Bank not to contaminate the climate debate, a process we started in Bali in December 2007.
programs and campaigns highlights in 2009
In 2009, Friends of the Earth International had six active international programs and campaigns. Within these we coordinated a wide range of actions at the international, regional, national and local levels, that improve the ability of peoples and communities around the world to secure sustainable livelihoods and protect our environment for generations to come.
did you know?
In 2008, Friends of the Earth International counted 77 member groups and 14 affiliates, uniting more than 2 million members and supporters around the world.
community testimonies: building capacity
In 2008, Friends of the Earth International hosted three commmunity testimonies from Africa, Latin America and Asia. Read here about the experiences of our three interns.
member groups
Friends of the Earth International is made up of the activities and actions of our 76 member groups, and it is our mission to support and strengthen their work at the local level. These groups mobilize people, resist socially and environmentally damaging projects and policies, and help to transform their societies in tens of countries around the world. Their local work in turn allows us to campaign on the regional and international levels, and to seek political support for the rights of people everywhere to sustainable livelihoods and for social, economic, gender and environmental justice.
cyberaction successes in 2008
Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2008.
friends of the earth in the media in 2008
In 2008, a broad and growing spectrum of media organizations, spanning from the world's leading newspapers to niche websites, carried Friends of the Earth International's messages to audiences around the world.
publications and materials
stemming destructive shrimp aquaculture
The shrimp aquaculture industry razes forests and biodiversity, destroys croplands and livelihoods, and wreaks social conflict and human rights violations. Faced with mounting resistance from civil society in Asia and Latin America, the shrimp industry is in the process of expanding into Africa.
real world radio tunes globe into climate justice at bali
Four years after its start-up, Real World Radio (RWR) went to Bali, Indonesia to broadcast the voices of social movements at the key December 2007 United Nations climate change negotiations.
report: voices from the front lines of climate change
A 2007 report from Friends of the Earth International provides nine case studies of climate change impacts from countries around the globe. Looking at impacts and adaptations, the case studies also feature testimonies which provide insight into dramatic first-hand experience of the devastation of climate change.
food and agriculture calendar 2007
Hundreds of professional and amateur photographers from around the world entered our second annual photo competition, on the theme of “food and agriculture” in 2007.
friends of the earth groups push for results at bali climate talks
The December 2007 climate summit, held in Bali, Indonesia marked the deadline for nations to agree on a “road map” for a new agreement to tackle climate change, beyond the current 2008-12 Kyoto Protocol commitment period.
indonesia: tackling destructive multinational corporations in court
Many multinational corporations have a legacy of polluting the environment, forcing people from their lands, and violating human rights. Friends of the Earth Indonesia / WALHI used legal means to address the social and environmental destruction of two such corporations, miner PT. Newmont Minahasa Raya and oil and gas company Lapindo Brantas Inc. The latter is infamous for causing the massive mud flow in East Java in 2006 which submerged eight villages and caused 13,000 people to be evacuated.
funding and membership support
friends of the earth in the media in 2007
Friends of the Earth messages were carried during 2007 by a growing and broad spectrum of media organisations, spanning from the world's leading newspapers to alternative news websites. The following quotes were selected from stories published in 2007.
friends of the earth international website
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