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international campaign victories
Our international programs made some important advances in 2007, catalyzed and propelled by the local and national work of our groups and our allies around the world. A selection of these victories are described in this section of the annual report.
conference sharpens asia pacific mining debate
Rapid economic growth in China and India is spurring mineral exploitation in the Asia Pacific region. Many national governments there, some saddled with debt, support the entry of transnational mining corporations, arguing this will stimulate growth. Meanwhile, miners are not held accountable for the enormous social, environmental and economic damage they cause. Regionally, civil society opposition to mining has been limited in scope to the local or national level; no forum had comprehensively examined the wider impacts of mining-led economies in the Asia-Pacific region.
international events in 2007
Friends of the Earth International had a strong presence at several international events in 2007. We supported the participation of community representatives and civil society organizations from the South in many other international events that provide a forum to publicize their experiences and struggles.
cyberaction successes in 2007
Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2007.
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