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did you know?
In 2008, Friends of the Earth International counted 77 member groups and 14 affiliates, uniting more than 2 million members and supporters around the world.
southern africa: challenging the spread of agrofuels
Northern corporations and governments are rushing to obtain cheap land in the South, to produce agrofuel feedstocks. This presents a very real threat to local communities and Indigenous Peoples, whose land is being targeted. It is often claimed that community land is ‘under-utilized’ or ‘marginal’ in order to justify disowning people of their traditional land rights, yet this threatens to displace and dis-empower millions of small-scale subsistence farmers in the South.
africa: mapping the expansion of agrofuels
Switching to agrofuels has been portrayed as a golden opportunity, a ‘green’ solution that could tackle the world’s energy crisis and help to mitigate climate change. Industrialized countries, international financial institutions such as the World Bank, and multinational agribusiness, oil and transport companies are all promoting agrofuels as a panacea to the world’s problems.
member groups
Friends of the Earth International is made up of the activities and actions of our 76 member groups, and it is our mission to support and strengthen their work at the local level. These groups mobilize people, resist socially and environmentally damaging projects and policies, and help to transform their societies in tens of countries around the world. Their local work in turn allows us to campaign on the regional and international levels, and to seek political support for the rights of people everywhere to sustainable livelihoods and for social, economic, gender and environmental justice.
cyberaction successes in 2008
Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2008.
art, culture and popular education
In 2008, the International Secretariat worked with our member groups around the world in order to multiply the creative initiatives taking place at all levels in the federation.
radio mobilizing for a better world
In an era of globalised communications, Friends of the Earth International must adapt if it is to reach civil society groups and engage in movement building. During 2007, Real World Radio (RWR) aimed to reach out to more people and to have deeper coordination with communication strategies of different FoEI organizational structures.
africa: monitoring the introduction of gmos
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entering African countries pose a growing risk to human health, the environment and poor farmers’ food security. Their governments are under major pressure to introduce GMOs from multinational corporations, which argue (despite lacking evidence) this will improve food security. Africans are also vulnerable to introduction of GMOs through food aid, from donor agencies such as USAID.
funding and membership support
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