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United States

guatemala: mapping and resisting transnational corporations and capital
Guatemala is a focus for transnational companies and capital seeking to access Guatemala’s rich natural resources and commercial potential. The Guatemalan government’s support for this trend is reflected in its willingness to construct vast megaprojects, and to open Guatemala’s markets to other countries’ goods and capital through free trade agreements. The serious social and environmental consequences that these projects and pacts can have on Guatemala’s communities and people are overlooked.
united states: fighting forest carbon offsets
Deforestation and forest degradation in tropical forests account for nearly 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Forest protection policies are therefore a vital component of national and international climate policy. But many of the forest-related provisions in legislation such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act (also known as the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill) will undermine domestic climate change targets.
Agrofuels campaign highlights
The campaign’s main objective is to stop the production, trade and consumption of agrofuels, by raising public awareness about its negative impacts on local communities and globally.
Economic Justice - Resisting Neoliberalism (ejrn) program highlights
The EJRN Program’s objective is to build sustainable societies by building people’s power and dismantling corporate power, stopping corporate-led neo-liberalism and globalization, and challenging the institutions and governments that promote unequal and unsustainable economic systems.
april: indigenous people on tour in north america
An international delegation of Indigenous Peoples gathered in front of the offices of the NY State Controller's office in May to deliver a formal complaint to the office's investigation Division.
april: iadb, stop pushing agrofuels as solution to climate change!
In April, Friends of the Earth International sent a team of campaigners to the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Miami to demand that finance ministers and bank officials use the Bank's Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative funds only for clean and renewable energy.
friends of the earth in the media in 2008
In 2008, a broad and growing spectrum of media organizations, spanning from the world's leading newspapers to niche websites, carried Friends of the Earth International's messages to audiences around the world.
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