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hello friends far and wide!

For the first time in our nearly 40-year history, we have decided not to print our annual report but to share our highlights of the previous year with you via our website. Not only do we want to save a few trees, but we hope to create and share with you a dynamic library of our projects, victories, learnings and reflections that we can build on year after year. We can also provide you with a great deal more information about how funds are spent to support our member groups and catalyze change.

Friends of the Earth International is made up of the activities and actions of our 69 member groups, and it is our mission to support and strengthen their work at the local level. These groups mobilize people, resist socially and environmentally damaging projects and policies, and help to transform their societies in tens of countries around the world. Their local work in turn allows us to campaign on the regional and international levels, and to seek political support for the rights of people everywhere to sustainable livelihoods and for social, economic, gender and environmental justice.

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What will you find in this report?

You can read more about who we are, and our vision and mission. Interesting and facts and figures about our diverse network can be found in did you know.

If you’re curious, you can read about our strategic plan: how we are growing, evolving and becoming stronger through our campaign, membership, communications, funding and learning strategies.

You can read about our international campaign victories-- for example how we succeeded in getting some corporations to shape up their shoddy behavior and how we mobilized resistance the introduction of dangerous GMO food around the world. Or about our member group's successes on the national level -- for example how FoE Cameroon worked with the Bagyeli people to safeguard their territories during the construction of a mega-pipeline, and how FoE Paraguay assisted in the passing of a new law in which access to water is recognized as a human right.

Find out what international events Friends of the Earth International and our allies attended in 2007, and how we communicated our messages through the year using words, images, art, music and dance.

You can read about how our membership support fund strengthens our groups and campaigns through network development, capacity building; staff and community exchanges; alliance building; and increasing participation in international campaigns.

And last but not least, you can see how our local, national and international work is supported by our generous funders and individual donors in our summary financial report.

We would love your feedback about this new report format, and about our work in general, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

With friendly greetings,

foei chair meena ramanMeena Raman
Friends of the Earth International Chair



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