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network communicators meet in swaziland

The newly-formed network communications team met for the first time ever in Swaziland. They organized six workshops on five of the newest and most challenging aspects of the strategic plan for communications: 1) FoEI Identity; 2) Radio & Video; 3) Art & Culture; 4) Building a Communications Strategy for the Economic Justice Program); and 5) Popular Education and Children's Materials.

image: network communicators meet in swazilandWhile the group had done a lot of preparatory work in the run-up to the meeting, Swaziland was the first time communicators from out member groups were able to explore together how to proceed with integrating innovative and effective communication tools into the overall work of the federation. To make the most out of having all of them in one space, they decided to add one more day to the meeting. During this day, communicators were able to deepen the discussions in all communications areas and get the commitment of people to ensure the implementation of the plans. By the end of the year, a Network Communications Team of some 15 people from around the world had been constituted.



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