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our strategic plan

Over the past several years, Friends of the Earth International has devoted a lot of time and energy into developing a strategic plan for the federation. In 2005, at our Biannual General Meeting in Malaysia, we adopted a bold and radical vision and mission. The following year in Nigeria we forged an ambitious strategic plan that will guide us over the coming ten years. In 2007, we started the implementation at our General Meeting in Swaziland.


image: our strategic planThe process for arriving at our mission, vision and strategic plan was bottom-up, inclusive and participatory, and was based on our engagement at the local level and with grassroots communities. The result was the powerful and profound reshaping of our international work. We agreed to focus all of our core activities in four strategic areas: mobilization, resistance, transformation, and the building of a strong Friends of the Earth International.


With the first theme, “mobilize”, groups united behind the ambition to continue the gradual shift of the network towards a truly grassroots environmental movement. Our members want to proactively expand our alliances with other movements, including labor, women, and indigenous peoples, and to build broad public support for our activities. The second strategic theme, “resist”, implies that we ground all of our work in local realities and actively support communities in their struggles, while at the same time using our international reach and power to challenge the global economic system. Our participation in international fora will thus become secondary to our resistance work. The third theme, “transform”, refers to the key priority of promoting old and new ideas that contribute to more sustainable ways of production and consumption. The fourth theme, “strengthen Friends of the Earth International”, describes our commitment to helping to build the capacity of member groups to work effectively at the national, regional and international levels.


We decided to restructure our current campaigns into six programs: energy and climate change; water; forests and biodiversity; food and sustainable agriculture; extractive industries; and economic justice - resisting neoliberalism. The first five programs are focused on natural resource management and sustainable livelihood protection. The last program, economic justice, will address issues of global finance, unsustainable trade policies, corporate power and other financial pressures undermining people’s capacities to protect their livelihoods.


We decided to focus our communication more towards the broader public; to produce more popular education material; and to make more use of art, culture, video and radio to communicate our messages. Finally,we want to ensure that FoEI becomes a learning organization, through staff and community exchanges, skill shares, and the creation of other learning spaces.


We started to implement all of these plans at our 2007 General Meeting in Swaziland, where our programs, communications, membership, funding and learning teams all came together and made some exciting advances forward.


with thanks to our funders: the dutch ministry of foreign affairs, oxfam novib and the sigrid rausing trust

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