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programs and campaigns strategy in 2007

In 2007, we launched into the implementation of our new strategic plan that seeks to conduct effective, vibrant campaigns working in synergy and rooted in grassroots issues through mobilization, resistance, and transformation. The new FoEI program structure is comprised of seven programs that house international campaigns and other international activities and alliance-building. The seven FoEI programs are:

Climate and Energy; building a movement for climate justice and developing alternatives to achieve energy sovereignty.
Forests and Biodiversity; linking community-based initiatives to protect and manage forest and biodiversity resources with international campaigns to stop destructive logging and monoculture plantations.
Food, Agriculture, GMOs; building on our effective and inspiring work to stop the spread of genetically modified organisms to campaign broadly for food sovereignty.
Economic Justice – Resisting Neoliberalism; bringing together our campaigning on trade, international financial institutions, and multinational corporations to resist the drivers of neoliberal globalization and win economic justice.
Gender; bringing a gender perspective to all FoEI campaign and network activities and highlighting the contributions of women at all levels of the environment and social justice movement.
Water; defending water territories and upholding the right to water as a human right. [note: while FoEI works on water issues at national, regional, and international levels, the international program has not convened yet.]
Extractive Industries; bringing together community-based struggles and international campaigning on oil, gas, and mining. [note: while FoEI works on extractives issues at national, regional, and international levels, the international  program has not convened yet.

image: program integration teamIn order to implement the new program structure, international campaigns and regions took responsibility for mapping strategies and activities to establish frameworks for each program that would establish international campaigns and activities that were responsive to grassroots and national priorities.  We convened strategy meetings for the Economic Justice – Resisting Neoliberalism program (Uruguay, March 2007), the Forests and Biodiversity program (Cameroon, September 2007), and the Gender program (The Netherlands, September 2007). FoEI was also able to support and strengthen Southern member groups' capacity in taking on international program coordination for Forests and Biodiversity (Costa Rica and Cameroon), Climate and Energy (Colombia), and Gender (Uruguay and the Philippines).

In 2007, we also convened a Program Integration Team (PIT) to facilitate communication and strategies across programs and to coordinate cross-program campaigns, such as the new agrofuels campaign, which involves several programs.  The PIT will also coordinate alliance-building for the federation.

Connected to the strategic planning sessions in Swaziland, FoEI held a strategy meeting on agrofuels. Throughout the year, there was also a Food, Agriculture and GMOs program strategy meeting in Mali; an Economic Justice – Resisting Neoliberalism program strategy meeting in Uruguay; a Forest and Biodiversity program strategy meeting in Cameroon; and a Gender meeting in Amsterdam.

Building the new program structure did not stop us from day-to-day campaigning on today's most urgent environmental and social issues. FoEI campaigns won many inspiring victories at the national and international level, standing up to corporate giants and raising the voice of communities affected by environmental and social injustices. Read about some of these international and national successes here.

with thanks to our funders: the dutch ministry of foreign affairs and the sigrid rausing trust

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