friends of the earth in the media in 2007

Friends of the Earth messages were carried during 2007 by a growing and broad spectrum of media organisations, spanning from the world's leading newspapers to alternative news websites. The following quotes were selected from stories published in 2007.


in the media"While Shell and its shareholders count their profits, all we can count are the early graves that their toxic gas flares keep sending our people. It is morally wrong for Shell to continue with gas flaring despite a ruling that has ordered them to cease it."
Friends of the Earth Nigeria Executive Director Nnimmo Bassey in a story published in May 2007 in the Nigerian newspaper 'This day online'.

"Instead of getting serious about reducing emissions, Mr. Bush proposes a voluntary approach that will lead to global warming catastrophe. Rather than joining the rest of the world and doing all he can to support the United Nations framework, he proposes separate meetings to sidetrack the UN process."
Friends of the Earth US President, Brent Blackwelder in an Agence France Presse news agency story published on 27 September 2007.

"We said that we needed a road map. But this conference is not going to bring us to the destination we need to get to.”
FoEI vice chair Tony Juniper commenting the results of international climate talks in Bali, Indonesia on 17 December 2007 in the Dutch daily 'NRC Handelsblad' newspaper.

“Industrialized countries committed themselves years ago to help less developed countries with clean technologies for better energy use but the promises have not been kept.  If the record shows that the obligations of the industrialised nations have not been met how can you expect the developing countries to step up to the plate?"
Friends of the Earth International chair Meena Raman in a German DPA news agency story published on 5 December 2007 during UN climate talks in Bali, Indonesia.

"Some companies selling cars and oil seem to be more than 50-percent focused on their green image in their advertising even though green products represent just a tiny percentage of their business. This risks creating a false image that we can leave it up to business to solve our climate problems."
Friends of the Earth international corporate campaign coordinator Paul de Clerck in a story published on 26 January 2007 in the International Herald Tribune newspaper.

"It is now clear that we are to blame for the last 50 years of warming, and this is already causing adverse changes to our planet. Unless we take action to reduce emissions now, far worse is yet to come, condemning millions in the poorest parts of the world to loss of lives, livelihoods and homes.”
Friends of the Earth International Climate Campaigner Catherine Pearce in a story published on 6 April 2007 by the Environment News Service.

"Negotiators inside the UN talks in Bali must listen to the voices of people in the streets and tackle these talks with more urgency. People all around the world are demanding climate justice.”
Friends of the Earth International climate coordinator Joseph Zacune in a story published on 8 December  2007 by the Xinhua (China) news agency.

“Brazilian producers are adamant that their bio-crops are not grown on rainforest land - but the environmental group Friends of the Earth Brazil claim that peasant farmers - dispossessed by biofuel conglomerates - are moving to the Amazon to seek new land.”
From a story published on November 15, 2007 by BBC World Service.

“By 2022 all forests in Indonesia, a country already under threat from serious ecological damage, could become history. Indonesia is the world's third largest contributor of carbon emissions due to forest haze and peatland conversions for industry, such as for palm oil plantations.”
Friends of the Earth Indonesia chairman Chalid Muhammad in a story published on 23 April  2007 by the Indonesian newspapaper The Jakarta Post.

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