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new tools to reach new people: foei's communications strategy takes off

Friends of the Earth International is committed to becoming a global environmental movement that reaches people of all ages in every part of the world.


In 2007, we started to implement our new communications strategy, which has just that goal. We are working on reaching the general public with our issues by presenting the struggles of our local groups in an accessible manner via our website. We are developing our presence on social networking sites. We are expanding our Latin American Real World Radio project to other regions. We are developing public education tools, and reaching out to children via our children's website which will appear in French and Spanish in 2008. And we are working with the mainstream and alternative media, as you can see in our press coverage gathered from around the world.


Also in 2007, we started to implement a new decentralized communication strategy by supporting the wealth of new ideas, publications and materials being implemented by our member groups. You can read all about the results here.

communications in 2007
Photo: Winning photo in 2007 FoEI photo competition by Shantanu Das, India.

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