community testimonies

In 2007, Friends of the Earth International brought the voice of the grassroots to the public around the world, as well as to international decision-makers, with a the first of a series of on-line community testimonies.


community testimoniesThese community testimonies are in various formats, including audio, video and photos with written text. They feature community members from around the world telling their stories about pressing environmental issues which we campaign on. By the end of the year we had 17 video testimonies and 7 interviews with campaigners and experts on the English part of the website.
A Spanish testimonies site was also launched beginning with 6 video testimonies on mining issues from Latin America.

In 2007, we made plans for arranged a series of internships with video editors from Friends of the Earth groups. These editors will spend 3 months in Amsterdam, receiving training and polishing their interviewing and editing skills. As well as producing a series of finished testimonies during their internship, they will will act as regional contacts and provide advice and training to groups in their region. The first, from Togo, arrived in February, and the second, from Honduras, will arrive three months later.


photo credit: radio mundo real



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