cyberaction successes in 2007

Cyberactivists from around the world helped us to achieve these victories throughout 2007.

cyberaction5 minutes respite for the planet
On Thursday 1 February 2007 we participated in a global call for households and public buildings to to switch off the lights to give the plant 5 minutes of respite. The action was organized by Friends of the Earth France and the "Alliance for the Planet" (a coalition of French green NGOs and many others). The hugely popular action drew international attention - around 20 countries took part, switching off public monuments in Spain, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia and others and 1125 visits to the switch off web page in February.

In May 2007 together with groundWork/Friends of the Earth South Africa we ran a cyberaction to support eighteen people who were arrested on in Maandagshoek, South Africa, and held for 7 days without acces to their legal right to bail hearing. 357 cyberactivists took part in an email actions. All 18 were released on 1 June 2007.

donations for flood victims in colombia
In July 2007 Friends of the Earth Colombia and Friends of the Earth International appealed for donations to help 20,000 people affected by flooding in Córdoba, Colombia. A total of Euro 320 was raised.

amazonian madeira river
In September 2007, International Rivers, Friends of the Earth Brazil and Friends of the Earth International ran a petition to call for proper assessment of the environmental impacts on neighbouring countries of a plan by the Brazilian government to build two huge dams on the Madeira River, principal tributary of the Amazon, and a region of mega-biodiversity.
287 people from 44 countries signed the petition

solidarity for burma
In a joint action with Friends of the Earth Philippines we ran a petition calling for support and solidarity with the Burmese monks who were demonstrating against rising fuel and food prices that left many in Burma without access to public transport and unable to feed their families.
400 signatures were sent to the United Nations.


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