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foei documentary shows dark side of palm oil plantations

Palm oil plantations around the world are responsible for massive forest destruction, carbon dioxide emissions, and broad environmental and social ills, yet demand for biofuels is furthering this destruction.


palm plantationTo raise awareness about these social and environmental impacts, Friends of the Earth International commissioned an independent film-maker, Inge Altemeier, who made a successful television documentary.  The piece investigates how palm oil cultivation contributes to global warming, and how Indigenous people are being driven from their land as palm monoculture plantations consume their landscape.

Titled “Lost in Palm Oil”, the documentary has generated widespread interest in the issue, and within weeks of completion had already been broadcast in eight European countries.  This documentary has undoubtedly played a role in the growing debate about the expansion of palm oil consumption, and exposed the unsustainable nature of Indonesian palm oil production.

View a clip of the film here.

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