foei report exposes failure of gm crops

In January 2007, Friends of the Earth International released a new report demonstrating how genetically modified (GM) crops have failed to address the main challenges facing farmers around the world.


gmcrops2008fullThe report, titled “Who Benefits from GM crops?” also notes that the “second generation” of GM farm crops with attractive “traits”, long promised by the industry has failed to materialize.
As the report was launched, Nnimmo Bassey of Friends of the Earth Nigeria said, "No GM crop on the market today offers benefits to the consumer in terms of quality or price, and to date these crops have done nothing to alleviate hunger or poverty in Africa or elsewhere.”  Yet the GM crops industry continues to misleadingly claim they have a role to play in solving world hunger.
Furthermore, the report shows that GM crops have increased rather than decreased pesticide use, and do not yield more than conventional varieties.
One blogger who praised the report said, “Unfortunately, GMOs can never be democratic. The age old process of wind carrying seeds, along with the realities of horizontal gene transfer, means farmers and consumers are not getting a choice - even if the jar is labelled”.

The report received excellent press coverage around the world, and is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 

View the report.

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