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people's sovereignty or corporate interests?

investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms and their impacts on human rights and the environment


uruguay biodiversityA joint publication by REDES/FoE Uruguay, Uruguay Sustentable, and Fundación Solón (Bolivia) in 2007 gathers a series of experiences regarding investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms.

The book examines clauses in trade and investment agreements that are created specifically to protect the interests of multinational corporations by creating international arbitration tribunals where corporations can place cases against states, excluding national legislations. The most well-known of these tribunals is the ICSID (International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes), which functions within the World Bank. There are case studies from Latin America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. It also looks at the situation in Uruguay, where there are no cases but where corporations have threatened to take cases to the ICSID. The publication then presents an analysis of other centers (or arbitration panels) and other trade agreements, such as the Economic Partnership Agreements with the European Union, which hide similar clauses but have the same goal in mind: to protect the profits of European corporations in the rest of the world.

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