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In an era of globalised communications, Friends of the Earth International must adapt if it is to reach civil society groups and engage in movement building. During 2007, Real World Radio (RWR) aimed to reach out to more people and to have deeper coordination with communication strategies of different FoEI organizational structures.

radio mundo realwhat happened: Over the implementation period of this project, Real World Radio's information format was modified to fit categories corresponding to FoEI programs. The aim was to coordinate the work between groups, campaigns and RWR.

Thus aside from Daily News Reports in Spanish (translated into English and Portuguese), additional radio productions formats were used to strenghten FoEI's global communication strategy. 

Besides this journalistic reorganization, the RWR worked in the Communities Testimonies project. We also consolidated RWR's contribution to FoEI's ComTran Team, by participating in the communications meeting held in Swaziland, in November of 2007, in order to make FoEI campaigns and actions more visible.

what is changing:
During the project period, 51 four-minute radio programs were produced in three languages, dealing with issues that are the focus of the FoEI federation’s regional campaigns. Journalistic coverage was produced explicitly to be heard or read on RWR’s website, based on interviews with spokespeople from civil society organisations from all over the world who are engaged in FoEI-related issues. Those actors include peasant and Indigenous movements, mainly from Latin America, people affected by the actions of transnational corporations or by climate change, small farmers, fishermen, members of other environmental organizations and non governmental organizations, etc.

Also over 2007, 20 radio-format opinion (op-ed) pieces were produced with FoEI campaigners and activists from across the federation, also in three languages.  Based on interviews carried out by RWR, these pieces deal with FoEI’s main campain issues can be read or heard on the website.


Finally, all the material produced during this period was disseminated through FoEI-allied social movements.

what we learned:
With regard to Via Campesina, RWR's coordination is ongoing and very productive. We have also had successful collaboration with alternative communication networks, organizations and social movements with their own media. This collabortion permits us to circulate information through a vast network, from which organizations and movements can take our materials and spread them, reaching still more people.

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with thanks to our funders: the sigrid rausing trust and the dutch ministry of foreign affairs

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