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funding and membership support


funding and membership support - Cuencacontributions from our members

14 percent of the funding for Friends of the Earth International comes from the membership dues paid by the member groups, and 0.5 percent comes from sales and donations. Member groups contribute a percentage of their income on the basis of their revenue from two years ago to the international network. This core funding is used to cover the operational costs of the Secretariat.



85.5 percent of our income is subsidies received from government agencies and foundations. These funds are granted to us for specific projects and campaigns and for our Membership Support Fund.


membership support fund
Funds from our Membership Support Fund are given to FoE member groups for the following objectives: network development, capacity building, strengthening national campaigns, and increasing participation in international campaigns.


In 2007, our Membership Support Fund distributed 1.16 million Euros to 25 of our members in the South: Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Togo, and Uruguay.



our funders
Friends of the Earth International gratefully acknowledges financial support from:


NOVIB/Oxfam Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS-TMF)

The Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Dutch Ministry for the Environment (VROM)

The Netherlands Committee for Sustainable Development (NCDO)

The Isvara Foundation

The C.S. Mott Foundation

The Wallace Global Fund

The JMG Foundation

The World Future Council

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.


Their financial support has been crucial in strengthening our campaigns and our network.

We also acknowledge the support of the Global Greengrants Fund, which accepted our recommendations for grants totalling US$ 80,000 to 16 communities and organizations around the world.



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