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“non-flying” politicians declare support for airplane fuel tax

Already responsible for about 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, aviation emissions are growing fast. Yet a September 2007 expert report commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe confirmed that the European Union must do more if these emissions are to be curbed. An important step in the right direction is to ensure that the cost of flying reflects its environmental impact, by putting a tax on aviation fuel and a value-added tax on airline tickets.


non flying dutchmanOn November 30, 2007 our call for an aviation tax was answered by Members of Parliament (MPs) from Belgium, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. They were brought together in Antwerp by FoE Europe, for the ceremonial signing of a declaration that affirms their commitment to an aviation fuel tax on flights between northwestern European countries.

Those MPs who ensured their actions reflected their words, by taking the train from Amsterdam to Antwerp, were greeted on board by the FoE Netherlands campaign's spoof character, the "Non-Flying Dutchman".

The MPs' current proposal is a strategic step toward a broader, Europe-wide tax, and underlines multi-party, international support for a tax to these curb fast-growing aviation emissions.

Meet the “Non-flying Dutchman".
Read the Antwerp Declaration.
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