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international campaign victories

Our international programs made some important advances in 2007, catalyzed and propelled by the local and national work of our groups and our allies around the world. A selection of these victories are described in this section of the annual report.


international campaign victoriesFollowing pressure from FoE groups in West Africa and around the world, the World Bank decided to carry out an inspection of the controversial West African Gas Pipeline.
FoE Africa groups stepped up their campaign to keep their continent GM-free, through meetings, reports, the monitoring of rice imports and a global Food Sovereignty Forum in Mali.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  announced that it would not fund the Sakhalin II project following pressure from many FoE groups around the world.
FoE Europe was at the forefront of the battle against “Global Europe”, the European Union’s new “external competitiveness” strategy.
The corporates campaign worked with a local community group in the Philippines in a lawsuit that forced the relocation of an oil depot housing three oil companies.
FoE Europe brought together 300 activists to create a giant EU energy flag during the European Union Spring Summit to call for safe, renewable energy. 
FoE corporates campaigners in the Netherlands, England and Belgium filed complaints against Shell greenwash.
FoE Europe's call for an aviation tax was supported by Members of Parliament from Belgium, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.


FoE Europe and others campaigning for corporate lobby transparency welcomed a European Commission communication on this subject.
With the stalling of global trade negotiations, FoEI focused on regional and bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs), building alliances and creating alternatives.
The Forests and Biodiversity programme strengthened alliances throughout 2007 with among others Via Campesina and the World Rainforest Movement.
FoEI, FoE Europe and others campaigned successfully for European Parliament approval of an important resolution on Trade and Climate Change.
FoEI's complaint to the UK Advertising Standards Agency about a misleading palm oil advertisement was upheld.
FoEI took out a two-page ad in major newspapers telling oil giant Shell to “Use your profits to clean up your mess”.

FoE Europe continued its strong campaign to keep Europe free of GMOs.

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