keeping europe gm-free

In 2007 Friends of the Earth's work to keep Europe free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) saw many successes.

keeping europe gm-freeeuropean gm crop bans upheld: FoE Europe continued its strong campaign to keep Europe free of GMOs, and maintain the right to to prohibit GMO plantings in European fields. During 2007, despite the pressure from institutions like the European Commission, existing national bans on GMOs were not lifted.

no gmos in organic food: FoE Europe welcomed the European Parliament’s March 2007 rejection of a proposal to allow traces of GMOs in organic food. The vote’s result is a clear signal from European elected representatives that the right to GM-free food is non-negotiable.

biotech industry withdraws gm foods: More good news came with the biotech industry’s official withdrawal of five GM crops from the European Union because of lack of consumer demand, markets and sales. This news provides further proof that GM crops are failing. However, the EU and member states must take this opportunity to ensure that they and industry listen to European citizens’ pleas for safe GM-free food.

eu votes to defy wto ruling on gm foods: FoE Europe welcomed EU Environment Ministers’ rejection of a World Trade Organisation proposal to force Austria to lift its bans on GM foods and crops. This rejection signals a major defeat for the biotech industry and its allies in the European Commission. FoE Europe believes every country has the democratic right to protect its citizens and environment. Neither the European Commission nor the WTO should be allowed to force Europeans to eat GM foods.

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