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cameroon: economic alternatives for small producers

One of the main objectives of Friends of the Earth Cameroon / Centre for Environment and Development is a program to promote economic alternatives. Specifically, this program aims to provide small producers with a reliable source of income which gives them the chance to develop while using resources sustainably.

cameroon local marketwhat happened: Three years ago this program began with the development of a technique for drying fruits and vegetables. During the first year, FoE Cameroon’s staff learned the technique. In the program’s second year, 250 women from 50 different groups were trained. The aim for the third year was to support these groups so that they could buy further production equipment and materials they require.

what changed: Thanks to the funds obtained, this goal was achieved in 2007 with the purchase of three dryers and materials required to pack the products properly. As a consequence, the women have almost doubled their production capacity. They were also able to improve the goods’ quality and packaging. These advances generated added value, higher incomes and new jobs. In addition, it helped engender greater confidence in the organization among the different groups.

what next: FoE Cameroon’s second proposal for an economic alternative consists of producing the necessary bio-gas to dry fruits and vegetables. This would allow people to break their dependence on gas companies, reduce their production cost and reach internal and external markets at more competitive prices.

with thanks to our funders: the dutch ministry of foreign affairs



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