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australia: carteret islanders tour to warn of rising climate threat

During 10-20 September, 2007, Carteret Islanders took part in a climate tour co-organized by Friends of the Earth Australia. Along with members of the NGO Tulele Peisa, they toured Australia to make people aware of the threat climate change poses to their homeland.


Australia - SpreakertourThe Carteret Islanders are amongst the world's first “climate refugees”. They have fought for more than twenty years to prevent their lands from being flooded by the rising ocean, by building sea walls and planting mangroves. However, storm surges and high tides continue to wash away homes, destroy vegetable gardens, and contaminate fresh water supplies. It has been estimated that by 2015, the Carterets could be largely submerged and entirely uninhabitable. The Carteret community has organised itself through the NGO Tulele Peisa, to organise relocation to the island of Bougainville.

During the speaking tour, Carteret Islanders visited Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Newcastle, and took part in public meetings, lobbying events, a series of roundtable forums, and media events.

The islanders’ plight highlights the need for rich countries like Australia to address climate change by significantly reducing their emissions, and to support adaptation and resilience-building in climate-affected communities.

Friends of the Earth Australia


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