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spain: victory as balearic islands declared gmo free

In an important victory in the battle against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Balearic Islands, which are located on the east coast of Spain, saw their parliament approve a "proposición no de ley" (non-legislative proposal) declaring the islands a "GMO-free zone" in October 2007.


spain: victory as balearic islands declared gmo freeThe decision follows an intense campaign orchestrated by the "Majorca Free of GMOs" platform which includes Amigos de la Tierra/Friends of the Earth Spain. It’s a major step forward in the defence of biodiversity and the improvement in security of food products, and it offers better protection for agriculture on the Balearic Islands.

David Sanchez, head of FoE Spain’s agriculture and food campaign put the victory into perspective saying, “Let us remember that, in the face of the unprecedented threat posed by these dangerous crops, there are already 175 regions and more than 4,500 municipalities across the European Union that have been declared free of GMOs, sending a clear message to a European Commission which continues to put the interests of multinationals ahead of citizens and the environment.”

More information (in Spanish) here.



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