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what we achieved in 2007

Parallel to the implementation of our strategic plan, our local, national, regional and global campaigns on the most urgent environmental and social issues facing people and the planet today have gone full steam ahead.

What we achieved in 2007 imageWe celebrated a number of exciting and critical international campaign victories in 2007 , and we have seen our efforts bring about concrete change for people and for the environment. We work in alliance with social movements around the world, including farmers’ movements, indigenous peoples’ organizations, women’s organizations and workers, and you can read about how we've solidified old alliances and made new ones at various international events throughout the year.

Our national groups and the communities they work with are the driving force behind our campaign victories and the critical alliances that we have formed over the years.

Our groups also do inspiring work at home and in the field. Check out just a few of the hundreds of national and local victories that were celebrated in 2007, and read about the projects taking place on the ground that Friends of the Earth International has supported through our Membership Support Fund.


Our member groups and international campaigners were present at a number of important international events throughout the year, ranging from the World Social Forum in January to the Climate Summit in December.


And last but not least, our new communications strategy also led to some exciting and creative initiatives in 2007, including Radio Mundo Real/Real World Radio; various publications and materials; a dynamic website; and excellent international media coverage.



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