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foei advances food sovereignty agenda with 2007 summit

Farmers, fisherfolk, women’s groups, rural and urban workers, indigenous peoples, migrants, pastoralists, environmental organizations and NGOs all joined hands for the World Forum for Food Sovereignty, held in the village of Nyéléni à Sélingué, Mali during February, 2007. Twenty members from the Friends of the Earth International network attended, and we also worked with an alliance of international social movements to help organise the forum.


mali food sovereigntyAttended by more than 500 women and men from 80 countries around the world, the forum strove to design dynamic strategies to implement global and local food systems that support small producers and consumers, rather than transnational companies. The meeting also had the goal to strengthen the global movement for food sovereignty.

The summit attendees affirmed in a joint declaration that, “At Nyeleni during multiple debates and exchanges, we deepened our collective understanding of food sovereignty and have become aware of the reality of the struggles of our respective movements to maintain their independence and regain their powers.” Declaring that the time for food sovereignty had come, they said that, “We now know better the tools needed to build our movement and promote our collective vision.”

Other forum organisers included La Via Campesina, the Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organizations of West Africa, the World March of Women, the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers, the World Forum of Fisher Peoples, the International Planning Committee on Food Sovereignty, and The Food Sovereignty Network.

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