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international events in 2007

Friends of the Earth International had a strong presence at several international events in 2007. We supported the participation of community representatives and civil society organizations from the South in many other international events that provide a forum to publicize their experiences and struggles.


intenational events We were present at the following meetings:

The World Social Forum in Nairobi, January 2007.
Nyeleni, The World Forum for Food Sovereignty, Mali, February 2007.
The World Bank spring meetings and counter-summit, Washington DC, April 2007.

An international forum on water privatization, The Hague, May 2007.

The G8 Summit in  Heiligendamm, Germany, May 2007.
A South-North Consultation on shrimp aquaculture in September 2007.
A Public Hearing on the World Bank, The Hague, October 2007.
The Social Summit for the Integration of the Peoples in Bolivia, December 2007.
The UN Climate negotiations in Bali, December 2007 and other high-profile climate events.
A regional mining conference and skillshare in the Philippines in December 2007.

In addition to supporting the participation of Southern organizations and organizing public events that could highlight grassroots environmental struggles, FoEI was able to broadcast special coverage of many of these these events through Real World Radio. In this way, communities throughout the world were able to find out what was going on at the events.



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