world social forum in nairobi

The Friends of the Earth International delegation to the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya included some 30 people, including community representatives from Nigeria and South Africa.


image: world social forum Friends of the Earth International was a co-organizer of a two-day workshop on “Regaining Control of Natural Resources”. One of the most important issues analyzed at this workshop was Shell's abuses of Nigerian rural communities, which suffer the consequences of the oil company's damaging activities, including gas gas flaring. Friends of the Earth campaigners also took part in a “Raising Shell” meeting, a workshop on the European Investment Bank in Africa, and the launching of the Africa Water Network. Together with the Hemispheric Social Alliance, Friends of the Earth International organized a workshop at which dozens of participants shared testimonies on the power of  big transnational corporations and presented proposals to oppose them.

A team from Real World Radio was also present in Nairobi, and uploaded 30 pieces as well as 100 photos to their website.


 with thanks to our funders: the dutch ministry of foreign affairs, and the sigrid rausing trust

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