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bi-annual general meeting 2008

The Bi-Annual General Meeting (BGM) of Friends of the Earth International took place in El Pilinguin, Honduras, from 10-15 November 2008. There were 112 participants (including 45 women) from 53 countries.

bi-annual general meeting 2008


The BGM was hosted by Movimiento Madre Tierra/Friends of the Earth Honduras, (, which was founded 10 years ago by Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla. The group’s principal objectives are the protection and defense of the natural resources of Honduras, Central America, Latin America and beyond, and the promotion of environmental justice.

Friends of the Earth International, Friends of the Earth Honduras and local women community leaders organized a two-day pre-conference on the impacts of climate change and the link with mining activities. Some 700 community delegates from across Central America took part.

During the BGM, the 2008 FoEI award was presented during the BGM to the women of the Honduran Committee of Action for Peace “for their involvement in social and environmental development and the struggle for peace and justice in Honduras.”

The International Secretariat worked with FoE Chile and FoE Honduras to prepare a cultural program as part of our Bi-annual General Meeting. The cultural program included art and photo exhibits by our member groups from around the world, and performances by local community and professional artists.

We also welcomed in several new member groups in Honduras, bringing our grand total to 77, and elected a new Chairperson and Executive Committee


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