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guiding the implementation of the strategic plan

The Friends of the Earth International strategic plan has four building blocks or strategic themes: to mobilize, to resist, to transform, and to strengthen the federation. We are now in the third year of implementing the plan, and we devoted further time to deepening our understanding and strategies around these themes during the 2008 Bi-annual General Meeting in Honduras.

guiding the implementation of the strategic planReports from the different network development teams provided a springboard for evaluating existing campaigns and programs, and discussing future actions needed in relation to campaigns and programs, communications, membership development, fundraising and financial management.

We took stock of progress, discussed current challenges and considered the next steps that should be taken in the next two years, including the areas of FoEI as a grassroots network; building strong member groups; acting internationally; building strategic alliances; our transformation agenda; and gender mainstreaming and learning within the federation.

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