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gender mainstreaming

For more than a decade, Friends of the Earth International has been committed to integrating gender issues into all our operations.

image: gender mainstreamingAt the overall operational level, FoEI has agreed to ensure gender balance at all meetings, in all representative functions and in our leadership. Our gender coordinators have organized gender awareness and integration trainings for the ExCom, at all regional meetings, and for FoEI’s campaign coordinators. They have also prepared our policy on sexual harassment.

At the 2008 BGM, groups decided to deepen this commitment by integrating gender issues into FoEI’s programs and campaigns more effectively. We will engage in specific projects that enhance our understanding of specific gender issues, and build alliances with women’s organizations. For this purpose, FoEI agreed to appoint gender focal points with specific mandates in three key programs.

The gender focal point within the Food Sovereignty program will work in close alliance with the World March of Women and La Via Campesina, to implement activities on women and food sovereignty. This will include activities in support of rural women's groups who confront agribusiness transnational corporations by saving and trading seeds, calling for land rights, and other forms of cultural resistance and resilience.

The gender focal point within the Economic Justice-Resisting Neoliberalism program will work to integrate an analysis of the disproportionate impacts that economic and environmental injustices have on women, on the basis that women are not victims but people with rights. We will make women’s distinct and active roles in resistance and transformation processes more visible.

The gender focal point within the Forests and Biodiversity program will work with the World Rainforest Movement on following-up the current collaborative project on Women and Community Forest Management.
As a result of these projects, FoEI expects that gender issues will become much more visible within our programs and campaigns, including through analyses, publications, and international representation.

We expect that the research undertaken will influence our campaign strategies and policy positions. Campaigners and program coordinators should also have an increased understanding and should be able to apply gender-sensitive indicators and analysis to FoEI program strategies, work-plans and publications. Finally, we expect to integrate a gender perspective into the development of all our policy solutions.

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