Friends of the Earth International is committed to reaching and mobilizing people of all ages in every part of the world so that they work with us in creating a more just and sustainable future.

communicating our messages in 2008 2008 saw the first phase of implementation of our strategic plan for communications. It was a year of experimentation, learning, and moving into new territory with communications colleagues from around the world. Within our strategic plan we are changing exploring creative ways to communicate with old and new audiences around the world. Our new strategy builds on our use of the media, publications, and websites by increasing the use of radio, film and video, and and art, culture and popular education.

Many of our member groups are already making use of these communications tools, but in 2008 we better coordinated our efforts in order to reach new and wider audiences. Many of the communicators who became involved in the federation during the elaboration of the strategic plan were excited about the opportunity to become part of the federation's work, to exchange ideas with other communicators, and to strengthen their national communications with new approaches and initiatives. In addition, our international communications were enriched by the collaboration of colleagues from around the world.

At the Biennial General Meeting in Honduras in November 2008 we agreed to create a new process for our global communications work in order to better coordinate our program work and our communications. This new global communications strategy will go into effect in 2009.

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