film and video

In 2008, we deepened our commitment to provide video and film material for our audiences around the world. Our efforts were focused in several complementary areas: a major film documentary that was screened on mainstream television; many video clips on different issues produced by our groups and posted on websites; and our community testimonies, which can be downloaded from our website.

film and videoRead about Poison Fire, a documentary exposing oil and gas abuses in Nigeria and featuring Friends of the Earth Nigeria volunteers. This documentary had its world premiere at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) from November 20-30th 2008 and has been screened in many media since its release.

Our groups around the world produced numerous videos throughout the year. Read about the successful Big Ask video clip launched by Friends of the Earth Belgium, as well as the competition on climate and energy-related videos run by our group in Colombia and a video on GM crops in Spain produced by Amigos de la Tierra Espana.

Our community testimonies program expanded in 2008, thanks to three consecutive internships in the International Secretariat with communicators from Togo, Honduras and Indonesia. Each intern spent three months in Amsterdam, receiving training on filming footage and polishing their interviewing and editing skills. In the future, they will continue to produce testimonies, as well as act as regional contacts and provide advice and training to groups in their region.

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