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Hundreds of news items quoting Friends of the Earth messages were published and aired in 2008 by a growing and broad spectrum of media organizations, spanning from the world's leading newspapers and TV news programs to alternative news websites.

foei in the mediaThroughout the year, FoEI issued on average three press releases per month to journalists worldwide in English; many were also disseminated in Spanish; and some were translated into other languages by our member groups

The FoEI news and comments that got most coverage in the media in 2008 were related to agrofuels and climate change. In December 2008, FoEI climate justice messages got substantial media coverage around the December UN climate change talks, despite the fact that the low-profile talks had little ambition and reached no concrete results. And throughout the year,  several media reported that the World Bank climate funds were 'under fire' and that more than 142 organizations, led by FoEI, rejected any role for the World Bank in controlling climate change finance.

In 2008, FoEI started a three-year partnership with the IPS news agency and carried out our first-ever workshop for journalists. In addition, two FoEI communications strategies - for the agrofuels campaign and for the climate and energy program - were developed in 2008 during media trainings for campaigners. The newly established strategies made media work more coherent and more focused, and helped increase the amount of media stories covering agrofuels and climate change in 2008.

A selection of more than one hundred news stories quoting Friends of the Earth is online at:


eu-flagThese trainings were possible thanks to the financial assistance of the European Union.


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