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community-based forest governance: from resistance to proposals for sustainable use

Human civilization has played a role in forest destruction for millennia. However, in the recent decades this devastation has become commonplace, and has reached a scale and pace of destruction that is unprecedented. Primary forests are the home and foundation for the rich cultures and lifestyles of more than 1 billion Indigenous people. Another four billion live in communities adjacent to, or dependent in some form or another, on forests.

forest governanceTo look closer at the interdependence of people and forests, we launched a publication on community-based forestry initiatives around the world in Spanish, French and English in 2008. The publication, “Community-based Forest Governance: from Resistance to Proposals for Sustainable Use” has since been used at 9 separate events in Latin America and the Caribbean as a form of popular education. It was downloaded 1150 times in English and 880 in Spanish since its launch.


As a popular education tool, the articles in the publication are short and easy to read, there are many photos, and a lively design. The publication has been used successfully at numerous workshops and discussion spaces with local communities. At the same time, the analysis is supported with direct quotes, so the publication has also used for Friends of the Earth's advocacy work. We have received positive feedback from organizations including the Rainforest Foundation, which noted that this kind of public education document is useful in particular for Africa where there is little material available for working with communities on these issues.


You can download the publication here:


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