the story of iirsa

One of the biggest threats to people and ecosystems in Latin America is a grand scheme for infrastructure projects known as “IIRSA” for short.

the story of IIRSA - front pageRather than serving local economies and preserving biodiversity, the so-called ‘Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America’ emphasizes highways and waterways, mainly for commercial purposes.  

In 2008, Friends of the Earth International produced a popular outreach booklet full of colorful drawings made by a collective of women illustrators in Colombia. The booklet introduces the reader to Lucia and members of her rural community, who together discover the story of IIRSA.

The booklet was extremely well received in Latin America. Some 500 copies were distributed at events such as the Indigenous Peoples Summit and Enlazando Alternativas in Peru in May 2008, at a workshop with 200 Amazonian community leaders in Brazil in July, and among communities and primary school teachers in Argentina.

The booklet is available from the Friends of the Earth International website in Spanish and English.


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