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In the last quarter of 2008, the Friends of the Earth International website received an average of 20,000 visitors each month, with a total of 60,000 page views. During the course of the year, visitors and page views increased by 5 percent.

The Global Day of Climate ActionThroughout the year, our website hosted a number of urgent cyberactions at Hundreds of individuals around the world responded to each action, often with inspiring results as you can read in these cyberaction highlights.

Our reports continue to prove popular, drawing many new visitors to the site. In December we sent around Voices of the Earth, our first bi-monthly email newsletter in English, French and Spanish. The purpose of the newsletter is to highlight the work of the federation and encourage people to get involved. Those wanting to subscribe can do so via the FoEI website. As of early 2009 we have 1220 subscribers for Voices of the Earth.

In November 2008 we launched the “FoEI Story” on our website. Written in collaboration with communicators around the world, this photographic slide show gives a quick overview of the federation, our campaigns, and how people can get involved. We created a new website on consumerism, called “Live More” and we also stepped up our presence on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace in order to inform audiences beyond about the work of the federation.

The community testimonies area of our websites, where people around the world speak for themselves, continued to grow throughout the year. Read more about this initiative here.

And our web team covered many special events, including the December 2008 UN climate meeting in Poznan,  Poland where members of Young Friends of the Earth blogged on the negotiations and their experiences of attending their first big conference. In addition the blog linked to photo galleries, audio interviews from Real World Radio and blogs from other member groups such as Friends of the Earth US.

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