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palestine: creative solution to environmental campaigning

Palestine faces a water crisis and other serious environmental difficulties, which will be exacerbated by global environmental problems such as climate change. Yet there is a serious lack of understanding about key environmental issues, even amongst well-educated people.

palestine: creative solution to environmental campaigning

Saleh Rabi said: “Environmental issues touch the core existence of Palestinian people, who face a difficult battle defending their land, water and environment.”


what happened?

Friends of the Earth Palestine / PENGON organized an exhibition of paintings depicting the water crisis and other environmental issues, both local and global. They initiated discussions between a group of artists and environmental specialists. The artists created 50 paintings, 30 large and 20 small, addressing water, climate change, desertification and pollution. The paintings reflected the suffering and struggle of the Palestinian people; some looked at the role of religion in protecting the environment.


FoE Palestine organized four exhibitions in three key Palestinian cities: Hebron, Ramallah and Birzeit.


what changed?

The exhibition drew praise from many institutions, universities and specialists, and many organizations have asked to show the paintings at different locations in Palestine.  The exhibition prompted many organizations to become more involved in environmental projects. Art proved a good medium for prompting people to reassess their ideas.


Saleh Rabi said: “These works of art reflected the problems, sufferings and the difficult struggle that touch all the Palestinian people: women, children and men of different ages. These paintings reached out to all people in a simple way and helped draw their attention to the alarming environmental situation.”


what next?

FoE Palestine plans to organize more exhibitions to promote further discussion of environmental issues.  


They will also work to raise awareness of environmental issues, by organizing campaigns to highlight Palestine’s environmental problems, and the fact that global issues such as climate change have a local impact too.


with thanks to our funders: the sigrid rausing trust


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