Friends of the Earth Europe, based in Brussels, unites more than 30 national Friends of the Earth organizations with thousands of local groups.
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Friends of the Earth Europe has for main program areas:

  • Economic Justice, taking on lobbying power at the EU and the role of European transnationals in the world, and campaigning on plantations and extractive industries.
  • Climate and Energy, leading the European Big Ask campaign that pushes for year-on-year national targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions, and coordinating European engagement in international campaigning at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Food and Biodiversity, defending the region from GMOs and exploring the global impacts of feeding and fueling Europe.
  • Network development and capacity building, strengthening member groups in the region and fostering regional collaborations between groups.


FoE member groups from Europe host coordinators for the FoEI Climate Justice & Energy program, the FoEI Economic Justice – Resisting Neoliberalism program, and the FoEI Corporates campaign.


Read about Friends of the Earth Europe's main achievements in 2008 in all of these areas on these pages!


You can download FoE Europe's 2008 annual report here:



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