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cyprus: renewing its own campaign energy

Friends of the Earth Cyprus was established in the early 1980s, but twenty years on its profile had faded. The group needed to raise its profile once again to play an effective role in environmental campaigning in Cyprus and in Europe.

cyprus: renewing its own campaign energy

what happened?

FoE Cyprus planned a series of actions to engage the Cypriot public and media on key environmental issues. Their first step was the creation of a Youth Group to help young people in Cyprus become involved in Young FoE Europe’s ‘Wrap Up Climate Change’ campaign.


FoE Cyprus held a number of public activities focusing on climate change and collected a total of 650 cloth drawings for the ‘Wrap Up’ campaign. These were created by children and adults, who wanted to send their own message about climate change to governments meeting in Poznan.


In October 2008, FoE Cyprus also launched a photographic competition, on the theme Our Environment, with the Photographic Society of Cyprus. 172 photographs were submitted, from 34 photographers, and all of them were included in an exhibition at a leading Limassol arts venue.


what changed?

The Wrap Up Climate Change activities revitalized FoE Cyprus, and this in turn brought new opportunities for Cypriot people – especially younger people - to express their concerns about climate change. The campaign was extremely successful and FoE Cyprus gathered more drawings than any other group in Europe. Their events also attracted attention from a wide range of people. The event in Limassol, for example, was supported by the youth organizations of all the major political parties in Cyprus, and attended by officials such as the Commissioner of the Environment and the Minister of Communications and Works.


The photographic competition also helped to re-establish FoE Cyprus as a leading voice for the environment. More than 200 people attended the opening night, and many more visited the exhibition over the following week. FoE Cyprus was featured in the media, including two TV programmes.  


They have since recruited 28 new members and received recognition for their campaigning on climate change. According to Loukia Pavlidou of FoE Cyprus, “Friends of the Earth is back again – our environment needs us more than ever.”


with thanks to our funders: the sigrid rausing trust


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