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georgia: communicating the dangers of gmos in four languages

Friends of the Earth Georgia is campaigning against the import and cultivation of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the Caucasus region. However, building a network of concerned organizations and groups across the region is being hampered through lack of available information.

georgia: communicating the dangers of gmos in four languages

Awareness-raising is vital – with both the public and the media. Yet little information on the GM issue is available, and what little there is, is in Russian.


what happened?

Friends of the Earth Georgia / Greens Movement of Georgia researched and published a regionally-focused brochure on GMOs and biosafety in four languages: Armenian, Azerbaijan, Georgian and Russian.


They gathered information and new scientific data from a range of sources including FoEI and FoE Europe, and spent a considerable amount of time compiling country-specific information from groups in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Tajikistan.


Launch events for journalists, NGOs and other interested parties were held in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as round-tables and discussions to plan the strengthening of anti-GM campaigning in Georgia, and the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia regions. The publication was distributed widely to NGOs across the region.


what changed?

Knowledge about the impact of GMOs in the region was significantly enhanced, both within FoE groups and a wider audience. The brochure was very well received and there were many requests for copies: CARE International, for example, asked for 50 copies for distribution in multi-ethnic regions of Georgia where they have agricultural projects.


“The brochure gained enormous interest. It became a tool for strengthening GMO and biosafety campaigns in Caucasus countries and for involving new groups in this process,” said George Magradze of FoE Georgia. The publication also provided a focus and a tool for NGOs to discuss future activities and strengthening and expanding the anti-GM movement across the region.


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